Revolut - A fully decentralized OTC application

Published August 28, 2023

The latest news, the Revolut platform will be officially launched soon.Revolut stands as a globally integrated payment application that operates within a fully decentralized framework. This progressive initiative is a collaborative effort of international consensus-builders, designed to enable users to transact using local currencies on a global scale while benefiting from localized preferential policies. Notably, Revolut facilitates complimentary transfers both domestically and internationally between Revolut users.

Revolut - A fully decentralized OTC application

Revolut is changing the way people use and interact with technology and shaping Revolut, in its transformative journey, is redefining the way individuals engage with technology, consequently shaping the future of financial and lifestyle experiences. However, a future-oriented enterprise must encompass alignment not only with economic demands but also with environmental and societal imperatives. As such, Revolut's core mission revolves around instilling global sustainability at the very heart of its endeavors.

The vision driving Revolut is the creation of the world's premier financial super application. To actualize this ambitious goal, the formation and retention of an exceptional team is imperative. This involves attracting, recruiting, and retaining top-tier talents, while fostering an environment conducive to their delivery of remarkable solutions for customers.

Revolut's organizational culture resonates deeply with its values, emphasizing open dialogue, the pursuit of excellence, and unwavering integrity. The overarching purpose of Revolut is to eliminate all obstacles obstructing individuals from realizing their financial aspirations. The platform's essence lies in building a seamless, cross-border ecosystem that renders the need for alternative financial services obsolete.

Revolut persists in its commitment to innovation, consistently delivering accelerated, enhanced, and intelligent products. The primary aim is to empower individuals to seamlessly execute a multitude of financial tasks through a few simple taps: be it spending, saving, investing, borrowing, or managing funds across diverse application scenarios.



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