Retainer Fresh Launches Revolutionary New Tablets for Cleaning Dentures

Published September 14, 2023

Retainer Fresh, the leader in orthodontic care solutions, today announced the launch of their innovative new Denture Cleaner Tablets. The dissolvable mint-flavoured tablets provide an easy way for denture wearers to clean their orthodontic appliances while on-the-go.

False Teeth Tablets
False Teeth Tablets

The uniquely formulated false teeth cleaner tablets use a bubbling action to penetrate and lift away odour-causing bacteria, food debris, and stubborn stains. Each tablet cleans in just 15 minutes, leaving dentures fresh and odour-free. The tablets remove up to 99.9% of bacteria build-up, preventing bad breath and promoting better oral hygiene.

"Our new cleaning tablets provide the perfect solution for keeping orthodontic appliances fresh, clean, and bacteria-free when a traditional cleaning is not possible," said the CEO of Retainer Fresh. "We are excited to provide an on-the-go option that improves convenience and helps patients maintain excellent oral hygiene."

Best Denture Cleaner
Best Denture Cleaner

The dissolvable Denture Tablets come in portable cases for easy storage in a pocket, bag or purse. The minty flavour leaves appliances tasting and smelling fresh. Safe for use on a daily basis, the non-abrasive formula will not damage or scratch orthodontic appliances.

Retainer Fresh's revolutionary new Denture Cleaning Tablets are now available for purchase on Amazon and

About Retainer Fresh: Retainer Fresh is committed to providing innovative oral hygiene solutions to improve the lives of orthodontic patients. Their tablets, and other products are specially designed to be the premium supplier of denture tablets to clean. To learn more, visit

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