Rekndle Redefines the Refurbished Electronics Space, Reigniting Customers’ Trust with Industry-first Warranty

Published May 24, 2024

Buying refurbished electronics is a more cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative for people looking to replace their old devices. However, many are wary of these products for various reasons, such as perceived lower quality or concealed defects. E-commerce electronics marketplace Rekndle aims to reignite trust in refurbished devices by championing the concepts of trust and top-notch quality with each sale.

Rekndle works with trusted professional electronics refurbishers to ensure that the products it sells are in excellent condition, functioning just like new at a fraction of the cost. At present, it carries smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

According to Rekndle founder Jason Chen, buying refurbished gadgets also presents a viable way to mitigate the growing problem of electronic waste, with the US having generated almost 7.2 million tons of e-waste in 2022. He says that because the average American is not looking to buy the latest flagship device every two years, they will greatly benefit from purchasing a refurbished device. Rekndle seeks to further incentivize this by ensuring its customers have unparalleled peace of mind through its two-year full repair and replace warranty bundled with the device’s price. This warranty is provided by a leading international repair and extended warranty services company Consumer Priority Service (CPS).

Most consumers in the US replace their smartphones every two to three years. By having a two-year repair and replacement warranty, Rekndle makes it possible for customers to trade in a device with an active warranty, increasing the chances that it’s in good condition and contributing to the circular economy of consumer electronics. This helps solve the e-waste problem, with a refurbished smartphone having an environmental impact two to four times lower than a new one. Even better, Jason sees a world where we keep our gadgets for even longer. “It makes no sense that when we buy an expensive piece of equipment, the only recourse is to buy a new one. With Rekndle, we are adding more value back into the marketplace. By having the means to repair, we give control back to customers,” Chen says.

“Most consumers aren't looking for the latest and greatest gadgets,” he adds. “What they expect and deserve is something that works reliably and provides excellent value for their money. There is a massive benefit in having a trusted place to buy something refurbished while resting assured that it's going to be of good quality. That place is Rekndle.”

To ensure that Rekndle sells only legitimate and top-condition refurbished items, all devices undergo R2 certification, which is the most widely adopted standard for reused and recycled electronics. Rekndle's suppliers use state-of-the-art programs and equipment to restore a device’s hardware and software before sale. The device’s IMEI number is also checked to confirm that the device is not stolen or compromised.

Earlier in his career, Chen worked for Walmart and eBay, two of the largest names in retail and e-commerce. There, he learned about the world of consumer technology and developed relationships within the refurbishing industry, which he leverages today. After a stint at an e-commerce startup, he identified the need for a trusted online retailer of refurbished electronics and set out to form Rekndle.

Chen shares that Rekndle plans to expand into more product categories soon, including gaming consoles and household appliances. With Gen Z being more socially and environmentally conscious than previous generations, he believes that demand for refurbished electronics will continue to grow in the coming years.

“At Rekndle, our philosophy is simple yet powerful: devices deserve a second chance, too,” Chen says. “It's all about breathing new life into something that already has a story, making it ready for its next chapter in your hands. We're here to prove that refurbished electronics can be just as amazing as brand-new ones, if not better.”

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