From Recognition to Reward: Unveiling the Journey of a Golden Empire Award Winner

Published April 21, 2024

New York, New York – April 2024

The National Association of Certified Real Estate Professionals (NACREP) is proud to celebrate the journey of its esteemed Golden Empire Award winners. These coveted awards recognize the exceptional dedication and achievements of real estate professionals who consistently go above and beyond for their clients.

Nominated for Excellence:

The journey toward attaining a Golden Empire Award begins with a simple yet powerful act – a nomination. Colleagues and clients can submit nominations highlighting the outstanding work of a deserving real estate professional. The nomination form delves into the nominee's accomplishments, showcasing their commitment to client success, proven track record, community involvement, leadership qualities, and ethical conduct.

NACREP's Awards Committee meticulously evaluates each nomination against a comprehensive set of criteria. This ensures that only the most deserving individuals are recognized for their contributions to the industry. The committee seeks nominees who consistently exceed expectations, deliver exceptional results, and demonstrate a genuine dedication to serving their community.

The culmination of this journey comes when NACREP announces the most recent recipients of the Golden Empire Award. This moment of recognition is a testament to the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of those chosen for the award. It signifies their position as industry leaders, setting a high standard for excellence and inspiring others to follow suit.

Beyond Recognition: A Platform for Success

Winning a Golden Empire Award is more than just an honor. It signifies a commitment to excellence that empowers recipients in several ways:

  • Elevated Industry Recognition: Winners stand as respected leaders and role models within the real estate community.

  • Enhanced Credibility: Winning the award provides a powerful validation of their expertise, leading to new opportunities and heightened client trust.

  • Increased Visibility: The award becomes a platform for sharing knowledge and inspiring future generations of real estate professionals.

  • A Boost in Morale: For the winner, the award serves as a powerful validation of their hard work and commitment to client service.

Celebrate Real Estate Excellence:

NACREP’s Golden Empire Awards celebrate the very best in the real estate industry. Nominations for the upcoming awards period are now open to submissions. We encourage industry colleagues and clients to participate by nominating deserving real estate professionals.

For more information on the Golden Empire Awards, including eligibility criteria, award categories, and past winners, visit the NACREP website at

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