Reaper Disc Supply Launches New Line Of Custom Stamped Disc Golf Discs

Published August 15, 2023

Reaper Disc Supply, the e-commerce brand known not just for its disc golf products but also for its cult-like fanbase, today announced the launch of its new line of 'Reaper Edition' custom stamped discs. These exclusive discs feature the brand’s iconic 'Flame Vortex' logo and are designed to create a mesmerizing visual effect as they soar through the air.

Reaper Disc Supply was established in July 2021 by disc golf enthusiast Aaron Seminoff. The company initially gained traction as a streetwear brand, drawing inspiration from skate, punk, metal, and tattoo subcultures. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the disc golf industry, boasting an inventory of over 35,000 disc golf discs for sale. The brand's unique amalgamation of street style and disc golf has made them a favorite among disc golf fans nationwide and has set them apart in a crowded industry.

"These new custom discs are not just a product; they are a testament to our brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries in disc golf design without sacrificing performance," says Aaron. "By collaborating with top disc manufacturers like Discraft, Innova, MVP, Axiom, Discmania, and Kastaplast, we ensure that our customers get to experience our unique style on the discs they know and love."

The 'Flame Vortex' logo, emblematic of the Reaper Disc Supply brand, has been a sought-after design since its inception. With the new custom-stamped discs, fans of the brand can now showcase this design in full flight. But it's not just aesthetics that the company focuses on. The brand's ethos is deeply rooted in creating memorable shopping experiences, often complemented by personalized touches such as handwritten notes, free stickers, and same-day shipping.

Beyond products, Reaper Disc Supply stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Emphasizing its socially responsible operations, the brand uses recycled cardboard packaging, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint with each order. Reaper also remains committed to making this a global sport, having recently added international disc golf brands to their website.

Seminoff adds, "It's not just about selling discs; it's about building a community. We pride ourselves on the close ties we've fostered with our customers, many of whom have become lifelong friends. The 'Reaper Edition' line is another step in celebrating that bond."

As the disc golf industry continues to grow, Reaper Disc Supply is primed to remain at its forefront, consistently delivering unmatched style, quality, and service.

From Reaper Disc Supply’s Wiki:

Reaper Disc Supply, based in Elmira, California, is a trailblazer in the disc golf industry. Established in 2021, the brand offers a wide range of disc golf discs, accessories, and alternative-style apparel. Founded by Aaron Seminoff, the company draws inspiration from various subcultures, offering products that resonate with a young, dynamic audience. Prioritizing customer service and environmental responsibility, Reaper Disc Supply continues to define standards in the world of disc golf e-commerce.


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