Realiste Expands to 100 Cities: A Milestone in Real Estate Digitalization

Published October 6, 2023

Realiste, a prop-tech company that develops personal AI for real estate investors, has surpassed 100 cities added to their platform, on a mission to completely digitize the real estate sector.

Realiste has recently surpassed 100 cities present on its platform. The company's mission is to create the first fully online real estate experience, granting investors unprecedented market transparency and accurate AI predictions. Aiming to completely digitize the real estate market on a global scale, this milestone affirms that the company is continuing its journey in the right direction.

Talking about the motive behind Realiste, Alex Galt, CEO and founder of the company, explained, "Even in today's developed and emerging nations, nearly 2 billion individuals find themselves constrained by traditional practices governing real estate transactions and ownership. Arguably, this represents one of the final frontiers of unattained autonomy that humanity has yet to fully overcome."

Realiste, a prop-tech AI company specializing in real estate solutions has grown exponentially in the last 10 months. From a mere 10 cities at the start of the year to surpassing 100 with 2 months left in the year, 2023 has been a kind year to Realiste. Setting higher standards for themselves, the dedicated teams at Realiste have made it a habit lately to add at least 5 cities per week as they propel themselves into the forefront of real estate innovation.

"I'm bursting with excitement to share some fantastic news. We've just added Tel Aviv and five new cities in Switzerland to our platform. And guess what? We've hit the grand milestone of 100 cities on our global map!", expressed Galt as he conveyed his excitement.

Users can now view data on residential properties across the globe on the company's platform. With the new expansion, Realiste now has cities from all continents on its platform including Paris, London, Dubai, New York, Sydney, Seoul, and Sao Paulo.

So far, users can only book apartments through Realiste's platform in Dubai and Bali, yet the company is very optimistic about further developing its platform as the company aims to create the first completely online real estate experience. Realiste is primarily expanding into real estate powerhouses and established markets. This is mostly because such markets have a higher demand and are more illustrious.

When asked about the next step after such a huge milestone, Galt said, "Our ambitious global expansion plans for the near future? We've achieved them ahead of schedule, and I couldn't be prouder of our incredible Realiste team. First, we enjoy this moment, and then we get straight back to work. We're making history together!"

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