Real Estate Entrepreneur Interviewed by Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast

Published January 19, 2024

Though she wasn't sure what to expect when she first heard of Cyberbacker, Jane Maslowski, Cyberbacker franchise owner for Central, Northern, and Western Pennsylvania, is now certain she made the right choice. "They've enhanced my business tremendously," she says.

Maslowski hoped a Cyberbacker would be able to help her organize her business and "pick up where I was letting things fall through the cracks," she says. Indeed, her current Cyberbacker handles marketing through social media and helps maintain and organize databases. In turn, Maslowski is able to focus on growing her business, which increased an incredible 25% during the first year she partnered with Cyberbacker.

Communication is important, Maslowski says when it comes to creating a successful virtual partnership. "You need to have some patience and realize that there's a learning curve for both of you," she says. Maslowski uses GoogleChat, text, and video calling to stay connected to her Cyberbacker.

Maslowski was so impressed by her Cyberbacker that she became a franchise owner. She saw an opportunity to expose areas of her state to new ideas and resources, and she admires the comprehensive training and support system Cyberbacker has in place. "The whole system is very well organized," she says.

"If you want to increase your business, you should hire a Cyberbacker," Maslowski says.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

· What were your initial expectations when you began working with Cyberbacker?

· What are some of the key tasks Cyberbackers can assist with, and what impact has that help had on your work and your life?

· Why should a business partner with Cyberbacker? How can a CEO build a successful partnership with a virtual colleague?

· What role does communication play when building a virtual relationship?

· What made you become a franchise owner? How does Cyberbacker support its virtual assistants?

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