Quiet Bounce Announces Sale on QBounce™ Silent Basketball 2.0

Published April 12, 2024

Quiet Bounce is pleased to share that it is currently running a sale on its QBounce™ Silent Basketball 2.0. It is available in three sizes: size 7 for professional players, size 5 for young players, and size 3 for toddlers. This silent basketball has created a remarkable place for itself in the basketball community. More and more parents, coaches, and players prefer this ball over regular basketball because of the quieter play experience.

Quiet Bounce is the first company to introduce silent basketball. The idea sprouted from the mind of a young player.
Quiet Bounce

Quiet Bounce is the initial creator of the silent basketball. Since then, many other brands have entered the market, but this brand has stood out with its premier-quality silent basketball and excellent customer service. It has an average of 4.99-star ratings and positive reviews from all its customers.

“This quiet basketball is a slam dunk in my book. It’s a must-have for any serious player,” said Mckenna D., a happy customer. This ball is a game-changer. With it being silent, players can practice anywhere, anytime, without worrying about disturbing others.

Children can now practice their game in their living rooms during the day or late at night without disruptive sounds with the noiseless indoor basketball. Just because the ball is silent doesn’t mean that it lacks performance. The Quiet Bounce silent basketball provides the same experience as a regular basketball. It feels like a regular ball, with the quietness being the cherry on the cake.

Players can dribble as much as they want, practice their skills, and elevate their gaming experience. Many coaches felt that silent basketball significantly enhanced their training sessions. Professional athletes who have used noiseless indoor basketball also share that the ball has made a huge difference to their overall gameplay. They could now practice anywhere during any hour without the loud bounces.

Apart from the Quiet Bounce silent basketball, the brand has launched the QBounce™ wall-mounted hoop compatible with all sizes. 97% of customers who have used the quiet basketball have witnessed an increase in off-ball hand productivity within three weeks. Ninety-six percent of users say they experience more active dribbling in places and times where it used to be impossible, while 93% say that they will continue to use the silent basketball in their training sessions going forward. All in all, the reviews say that this basketball belongs in every player’s arsenal across the country and beyond.

To learn more, visit https://quietbounce.com/.

About Quiet Bounce

Quiet Bounce is the first company to introduce silent basketball. The idea sprouted from the mind of a young player. Apart from living in a small apartment building, the player had to deal with noise complaints from fellow residents. What started as a side project is now a thriving business catering to the needs of players, parents, coaches, and athletes from around the nation.


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