Prodigy Disc Launches Its Own Naming System for Discs Based on Flight Path, Glide and Other Parameters

Published April 19, 2024

Prodigy Disc is pleased to share that they have updated their naming system for golf discs based on flight paths, glide, and other parameters. The flight rating system helps players understand how a disc would fly even before a player throws it. This system helps customers choose a disc based on the desired flight path. Every disc might fly differently due to the way it is thrown and the player’s arm speed. So many technicalities, such as speed, glide, high-speed turn, low-speed fade, etc., can influence the flight naming system.

Disc Golf World Champions started Prodigy Disc to provide a more consistent range of ‘golf discs’.
Prodigy Disc

The number in the model name represents the stability of the flight path. Prodigy Disc models range from 1 to 9 - '1' being the most overstable and '9' being the most understable. In the middle of the stability range, a "5" in M5 is a slightly understable disc, depending on the model range in that series.

Prodigy Disc has developed a more detailed naming system for discs and will be very helpful for amateurs, professional players, and everyone. The Prodigy Disc naming system is better and much more advanced than most brands that have generic systems. Disc golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport. It requires the players to throw discs into baskets placed on a course. So many discs are available out there, making it difficult for players to choose the best. The site also features a quick guide to types of disc golf discs.

The article discusses various kinds of disc golf discs, their unique characteristics that will help players improve their game, and specific functionality that helps players navigate the course accurately and precisely. There are Distance Drivers that are designed for maximum distance off the tee. Hybrid drivers blend fairway and distance drivers to provide speed, distance, and control. The Fairway Drivers are designed to offer more control while still allowing the player to achieve longer distances. Midrange Discs are perfect for shots that need more control and accuracy than distance.

Approach Discs bridge the gap between midrange discs and putters. Putters, too, are designed for short-range shots, they are slower, have a blunt edge, and put the discs right into the basket. The guide to types of disc golf discs allows players to choose a disc(s) based on their throwing style. Players can also try experimenting with different discs and invest in those that work the best for their game and gaming goals. The brand also offers affordable disc golf bags, travel bags, and backpacks. These bags help players organize their gear and provide a convenient way to carry their disc golf discs. The disc golf bags also protect the discs from any damage, thereby protecting the investment.

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About Prodigy Disc

Disc Golf World Champions started Prodigy Disc to provide a more consistent range of ‘golf discs’. The brand has launched discs that offer a longer flight with improved accuracy and throwing power for players at all proficiency levels. Their popular products include Distance Drivers and Putt and approach Discs, disc golf bags, apparel, etc. The company has sponsored more than 150 players so far, including a few highest-ranked international players.



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