Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center Opens New Center in Columbus, OH

Published September 18, 2023

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center, home of the nation’s leading pelvic floor physical therapists in Columbus, is pleased to share that it has opened a new center in Columbus, OH. Its pelvic floor rehabilitation in Columbus includes services to address male and female pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction, surgical prehab and rehab, pregnancy & postpartum, sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, transgender health, bladder dysfunction, pudendal neuralgia, and interstitial cystitis.

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center was started in July 2006 in San Francisco by Liz and Stephanie to help make a difference in pelvic floor physical therapy.
Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center

Unfortunately, pelvic health is a least-discussed topic because many people are still unaware of the importance of pelvic floor muscles and how to take care of them. As a result, they pay very little attention to the issues caused by poor pelvic health. A pelvic floor physical therapist in Columbus helps patients understand the importance of pelvic health. Both men and women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. It could be due to poor posture, chronic illnesses, weight gain, injuries, etc. Women who have given birth will have weaker pelvic muscles than those who haven’t been pregnant. However, these women can also have weakened muscles due to the abovementioned reasons. It is still important to take care of the body regardless if one gives birth or not.

The symptoms of poor pelvic health can be totally unfamiliar, which is why most people don’t even realize they have issues. PHRC has some of the best pelvic floor specialists in Columbus. The therapists offer a wide range of services concerning pelvic pain, pregnancy & postpartum, nutrition, and integrated health. Its pelvic floor rehabilitation in Columbus offers help with eight primary clinical categories in pelvic health.

The PHRC pelvic floor specialists also offer telehealth/virtual appointments. Launched in 2020, these are for people who cannot visit the physical locations. Often, people don’t fully understand the symptoms until they come across information online via social media, websites, or blogs. There are also some people who, despite the diagnoses, do not have a therapist specializing in pelvic health. Then few have access to a therapist but aren’t getting the right treatment. These people might be looking for help or an opinion on their condition. The PHRC pelvic floor physical therapists in Columbus are now available for digital appointments, with added areas of expertise covering a broader spectrum of pelvic floor disorders.

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About Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center

Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center was started in July 2006 in San Francisco by Liz and Stephanie to help make a difference in pelvic floor physical therapy. PHRC now serves in seven locations across California, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Las Gatos, Westlake Village, West Los Angeles, and Encinitas, and two more locations in New England: Merrimack, NH, and Lexington, MA, with a new location in Columbus, OH. PHRC also offers virtual appointments to international patients.


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