Ohanafy Releases Production Application Updates to Enhance Efficiency, Transparency, and Traceability

Published September 29, 2023

WILMINGTON, NC — Ohanafy, a leading business management software provider for craft beverage producers, is excited to announce a series of powerful product updates aimed at revolutionizing the production process for businesses of all sizes. These updates are designed to enhance key features, including batch management and lot tracking, offering manufacturers newfound control and efficiency in their operations. 

Batch Management

Split Batch: Ohanafy now allows users to split batches effortlessly, enabling the transfer of liquid quantities from one batch to another batch or tank. This capability, powered by the ability to adjust quantities in batches, enhances adaptability in production processes.

Blend Batch: Manufacturers can merge liquid quantities from multiple batches with this new feature, ensuring improved product quality and consistency.

Tracking WIP Items: Primarily designed for enterprise brewers, Ohanafy’s product feature update for WIP Items provides real-time tracking of Green Beer and Brite Beer, two intermediary stages of the brewing process. It offers transparency into inventory level changes throughout batch processing, saving time and enhancing efficiency. Ohanafy’s WIP Items feature also automatically adjusts inventory levels, providing manufacturers with a pulse on their actual quantities versus projections.

Tracking Loss of Liquid in Process Stages: Users can now monitor the loss of liquid during various process stages, providing a precise understanding of inventory levels and reducing waste.

Lot Tracking

Lot Tracking: Ohanafy’s improved lot tracking functionality sets an industry standard by providing transparency and accountability across all operational processes. It seamlessly integrates raw material lot data from inventory receipt, carrying this data through production, packaging, and sales applications. Finished goods lot tracking establishes complete traceability, saving time through automation, encouraging business repetition, and fostering clarity and accountability in supplier and customer relationships. Users can trace the source of materials, allowing them to identify and address issues such as expired ingredients. This upstream and downstream visibility is crucial for mitigating potential damages.

Cellar Transfer Experience

Cellar Transfer Experience: Catering primarily to enterprise brewers, Ohanafy offers a streamlined, single-page interface for viewing and adjusting batch and product stages and tank locations. This unified approach simplifies complex processes, including the distinctive conditioning feature, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. 

Variety Packing and Fee Allocations

Variety Packing: Users can now create product combinations of other items with Ohanafy’s Variety Packing feature, providing versatility and customization.

Fee Allocations: This feature allows for the equitable distribution of fees among purchased items, whether equally, proportionally to cost, or proportionally to weight. It enhances transparency into the COGS, yielding a more realistic understanding of cost structures. Ohanafy supports the tracking of non-inventory items, further enhancing the comprehensiveness of manufacturing operations. Additionally, Ohanafy empowers users with brand-specific labeling options, ensuring data cleanliness and reinforcing brand identity.

These innovative updates from Ohanafy ignite a new era of efficiency, transparency, and traceability in production. Users can now optimize their operations, maintain the highest quality standards, and build stronger relationships with suppliers and customers. Ohanafy continues to lead the industry forward by delivering innovative solutions that empower craft beverage producers to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

For more information about Ohanafy and these exciting product updates, please visit www.ohanafy.com.

About Ohanafy:

Founded in Wilmington, NC, in 2022, Ohanafy is an innovative craft beverage management software system that partners with companies of all sizes to drive sales, decrease costs, and save time. Uniquely built on the world’s #1 platform, Salesforce, their mission is to give business owners their time back, allowing them to focus on what truly matters- crafting exceptional beverages and serving their local communities. Remarkable customer service, user-friendly interface, and commitment to excellence have quickly earned a loyal customer base across the United States along with numerous awards and recognitions. Ohanafy is proud to partner with craft beverage producers and is excited to continue supporting and empowering the industry.

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