Ohanafy Celebrates the Successful Launch of Dokkaebier on its Cutting-Edge Platform

Published September 29, 2023

WILMINGTON, NC – Ohanafy, a leading business management software provider for beverage suppliers, is excited to announce that Dokkaebier has successfully gone live on Ohanafy’s customizable platform. This marks a significant milestone for Dokkaebier and highlights the power and effectiveness of Ohanafy in delivering exceptional results.

Since 2020, Dokkaebier has been redefining the craft beer landscape of Oakland, California, by infusing Asian flavors into their unique brews. Committed to sharing these distinctive creations, Dokkaebier owner Youngwon Lee strategically partnered with Ohanafy as their software provider. Leveraging Ohanafy’s capabilities, Dokkaebier aims to harness critical data for informed decision-making while enhancing its distribution and sales efforts.

As an avid Salesforce user, Lee recognized the significance of data in his business operations. He initially attempted to manage Dokkaebier’s operations using Salesforce but soon realized the need for support. Upon learning about Ohanafy, Lee was impressed by its platform capabilities and the solutions tailored to distribution operations.

In an industry where data-focused roles are uncommon, Dokkaebier demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by appointing a dedicated team member to focus solely on data analysis—this strategic move positions Dokkaebier as a pioneering brewery ready to thrive with the support of Ohanafy.

Now live on Ohanafy, Dokkaebier is poised to pilot Ohanafy’s integration with VIP, one of the industry’s largest distributors, RAS. This integration allows for a full bi-directional order integration, connecting distributor orders from VIP to Ohanafy. Distributor and manufacturer updates sync across each system seamlessly, allowing the distributor and manufacturer to stay current on all operations. Ohanafy’s integration also has built-in forecasted depletion alerts by distributor, by product, and by week, so low inventory is never unexpected.

To find out if Ohanafy is the right fit for your business, talk to the Ohanafy team today.

About Ohanafy:

Founded in Wilmington, NC, in 2022, Ohanafy is an innovative brewery management software that partners with craft beverage companies of all sizes to drive sales, decrease costs, and save time. It is the only brewery management software built on Salesforce and has quickly become the go-to solution for breweries across the United States. Exceptional customer service, user-friendly interface, and commitment to excellence have earned a loyal customer base and numerous awards and recognition. Ohanafy is proud to partner with breweries of all sizes and is excited to continue supporting and empowering the craft beverage industry.

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