OBDSTAR Launches New Odo Master Full Version for Enhanced Cluster Calibration and Oil Service Resets

Published January 22, 2024

Shenzhen, Guangdong - January 22, 2024 - OBDSTAR, a leading manufacturer of professional automotive diagnostic tools, announced today the launch of its new Odo Master Full Version for comprehensive cluster calibration and oil service resets. The new full version offers enhanced capabilities beyond the standard Odo Master for total control over a vehicle's odometer and service indicators.

The OBDSTAR Odo Master has long been trusted by mechanics, dealerships and independent repair shops for easy and accurate adjustment of mileage and resetting of engine oil service reminders. With advanced new programming, the Odo Master Full Version provides complete cluster calibration for speedometer, temperature and fuel adjustments, as well as more detailed oil service resets.

"Our standard Odo Master has been immensely popular for basic mileage correction and straight-forward oil resets," said John Smith, OBDSTAR Marketing Director. "With the Odo Master Full Version, we're delivering the ultimate solution for in-depth cluster reprogramming and advanced oil service resets. No other tool on the market gives technicians this level of control and customization."

The obdstar Odo Master Full Version includes specialized software and protocols for safely modifying mileage on digital clusters from nearly all makes and models. On-screen prompts and an intuitive interface make the process fast and efficient. Customizable oil service and inspection resets are now possible right from the tool, eliminating manuals and guesswork.

OBDSTAR's Odo Master Full Version represents the next evolution in cluster calibration. As vehicles become more computerized, the ability to reprogram digital instrument clusters becomes increasingly important for proper vehicle maintenance and service. The Odo Master Full Version empowers technicians with advanced capabilities to get the job done quickly and accurately.

The Odo Master Full Version is available now direct from OBDSTAR. To learn more about cluster calibration and oil service resets with OBDSTAR's Odo Master Full Version, visit obdstar.com.

About OBDSTAR OBDSTAR is a global leader in automotive diagnostic solutions, providing professional technicians with cutting-edge tools for maintenance, repair and upgrades. Known for excellent product quality and technical support, OBDSTAR aims to make vehicle service faster, easier and more efficient.

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