New Ideas and Innovations, LLC, Seeks Purchasers of EEV-3 Project, The 1 * 2 Flush Genuine Toilet Water Saver, and More

Published July 8, 2024

Edward Heath, inventor and owner of New Ideas and Innovations, LLC, has announced that he is searching for investors to help commercialize and produce the EEV-3, an electric vehicle that he has designed, alongside his other innovative idea. According to Heath, the EEV-3 is a 100% electric car that can travel for hundreds to over a thousand miles on a single charge. This helps eliminate range anxiety, which is one of the leading barriers to electric vehicle adoption.

Edward Heath, Award Winning Inventor, Designer, Machinist and Engineer

The vehicle’s name, EEV-3, stands for ‘Edward’s Electric Vehicle’, and the 3 represents the three different energy sources conserved – oil, coal, and natural gas – by using this vehicle. The EEV-3 uses Super Ultra Extended Long Range Electric Vehicle Technologies (SUELREVT), which allows it to travel between 840 to 1,280 miles (1,352 to 2,060 kilometers) on a single charge. This range is dependent on five criteria: driver’s driving habits, vehicle weight, electrical load placed on the vehicle, topography/road conditions, and miles driven per day.

The EEV-3 Core Technology

According to Heath, the EEV-3 has a smaller battery pack than other electric vehicle designs on the market, resulting in a lighter weight. This makes it more energy-efficient and handles better on the road. Heath estimates the test vehicle to be 97% complete, with only several components needed to be completed, including the electric power system and the energy boosters that extend the range of the onboard lithium-based cells.

Aside from the EEV-3, Heath has several other inventions, such as 1 * 2 Flush Genuine Toilet Water Saver, an internationally patented toilet handle assembly that affordably and easily converts a gravity-type single-flush toilet into a water, energy, and money-saving dual-flush toilet. This device is easy to install and most consumers can do it by themselves without having to call a plumber (DIY).

Edward Heath, with Award Winning 1 *2 Flush

Some other of his inventions include a patented exhaust apparatus that creates a low-pressure area in the vehicle’s exhaust system, allowing an internal combustion engine to operate more efficiently; a new turbine design for hydroelectric power; a remote-controlled launcher for hobby rockets; and a more efficient design for spark plugs. Heath is an inventor by heart, and he has been taking apart and putting together various mechanical objects from a young age. This includes a brass Schatz clock and a flintlock rifle.

According to Heath, the common thread running through most of his inventions is that they improve efficiency and/or conserve natural resources. He says he hates waste with a passion and he aims to help people consume fewer resources in their daily lives without reducing their quality of life. He also wants the US to become more self-sufficient in terms of energy and manufacturing, reducing its reliance on foreign countries’ production.

Furthermore, Heath says that the EEV-3 technology can be applied to existing vehicles, and creating electric vehicle conversion centers across the US will generate more jobs for the public, as the electrification of the vehicle sector is expected to take close to 10 years – it is not a short-term project.

“In the future, I want to demonstrate that the EEV-3 technology is effective by driving the entire width of the United States in three or fewer charging cycles,” Heath says. “To achieve this, I am looking for investment funding and production partners. If we accomplish this, people will no longer be afraid to use electric vehicles because they no longer fear getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Together, we can help the United States and Americans regain our strength as world leaders in innovation, with the EEV-3, 1 * 2 Flush, and some of my other inventions, helping all of us live better lives, now and for generations to come.”

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Name: Edward Heath - Designer, Machinist and Engineer at New Ideas & Innovations LLC.


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