MultiversX Blockchain Data Now Embedded in Global Internet Data Streams via Google BigQuery

Published February 8, 2024

 MultiversX, the leader in sharding technology across public distributed networks, has now become available on Google BigQuery. This marks a significant milestone, and opens access to blockchain data in an easy manner, with Google embedding data streams from the MultiversX blockchain into the internet and making it readily available.

Google BigQuery is an enterprise-grade, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse, with a cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing model. Anyone with a Google Account can now get insights about the MultiversX network, such as the top 100 block producers, without running specialized software and waiting to sync the ledger.

Other quick-to-use sample queries available directly on the MultiversX dataset page are: details about the latest blocks, daily transaction count, largest EGLD transfers in a specific timeframe or top used smart contracts.

MultiversX network on-chain data on BigQuery:

Developers and projects using MultiversX for conducting and recording actions on-chain are now granted access to an important new instrument for their toolkit. With the help of Google BigQuery, they can perform in-depth product analysis to understand their users’ behavior, and evaluate what their product development priorities are.

“Analyzing and interpreting data to reveal useful insights and information about product usage is a science barely explored compared to its potential utility for the web3 space. Having Google resolve a big part of the hassle for MultiversX projects is an important step towards making dApps better, more useful, and more appealing to the masses.“ said Lucian Mincu, MultiversX Foundation CIO.

The service is provided through the MultiversX ETL, a tool developed by the core team of the Layer 1 smart contract platform, which extracts, transforms and feeds Google BigQuery with blockchain data at hourly intervals.

Google Cloud involvement in the MultiversX ecosystem extends beyond this important integration. The two leading technology companies are co-working on multiple initiatives to accelerate Web3, including a startup accelerator program, hackathons and developer initiatives, and joint business developments, such as the presence of MultiversX as partner in the Google Cloud booth at GITEX Global, Dubai 2023.

About MultiversX
MultiversX is a highly scalable public blockchain via sharding, decentralized through 3200 validator nodes, built to solve the three fundamental problems critical for widespread, global adoption: transition from dial-up to broadband, significant UX paradigm shift, and simplicity of self-custody.

About Google BigQuery
Google BigQuery is a Google Cloud Platform service that serves as a cloud-based and scalable enterprise data warehouse for rapid SQL queries and interactive analysis of massive datasets. The solution is known for its quick processing time and large data capabilities.

MultiversX Media Contact:
Dan Voicu, Head of Communications

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