Mandoe Media Ranks World’s Best Rooftop Bars in 2024

Published March 25, 2024

Mandoe Media, the leader in digital signage technology, has published a list of the world’s best rooftop bars for 2024.

Rooftop bars have become extremely popular over the past few years due to their incredible dining and socializing experiences against stunning city backdrops. They create an experience unmatched elsewhere. As a result, Mandoe Media has come up with a list of the best rooftop bars for 2024, and this fresh lineup is very different from the one in 2023.

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To help visitors, tourists, and local people find the best rooftop bars in various cities, the list is broken down into seven categories:

1. World’s best of the best rooftop bars

2. Best cities for rooftop bars in the world

3. Best rooftop bars in the USA

4. Best cities for rooftop bars in the USA

5. Best rooftop bars in Europe

6. Best cities for rooftop bars in Europe

7. Best city for rooftop bars in the UK

To compile the list of the world's top 50 rooftop cocktail bars, Mandoe Media turned to the internet and social media for information since visiting all such bars is impossible. For each of the 200 rooftop bars scrutinized, the team looked at several factors, including how many guests shared them on social media and how many customers rated these bars as excellent. They also considered their menu offerings, ambiance, and amenities to create a curated index of the world’s top 50 rooftop cocktail bars.

Topping the list is Sky 51 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, followed by CRU Champagne Bar in Bangkok, Thailand, and Mithra Terrace at Mithra Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey. These three newcomers for 2024 join a mix of returning favorites from the previous year, with some rising in rank while others drop. Bangkok remains a hotspot for rooftop bars, and the USA leads the pack with 22 entries in the top 50, including 4 in the top 10. Many rooftop bars that were very popular in 2023 were overshadowed by new players that have just opened up.

For those seeking travel inspiration, the detailed list, available via the link below, offers insights into these extraordinary destinations.

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