LIFTEX Roof Lifting Unveils New Brand Identity, Building on 50 Years of Innovation

Published February 21, 2024

LIFTEX, formerly known as E-Z Riser Roof Raising, has announced its rebranding to build upon its 50-year tradition of innovation in the vertical building expansion industry. 

As LIFTEX, the company has sought to align its branding with its expanded offerings. Having started with the development of the E-Z Riser Roof Raising system and roof lifting, which provided a cost-friendly alternative for clients seeking to increase their building's cubic footage, LIFTEX has now advanced its services to meet increasing demands.

"Not just a patented process, but a suite of services designed to cater to our client's requirements. That's the evolution we have aimed for with LIFTEX," said John Bernauer, President at LIFTEX.

The rebranding not only indicates innovation but also houses aspirations for future service expansion. "We have embraced this new identity as LIFTEX with a vision to elevate every project we undertake," stated Bernauer.


LIFTEX has been aiding businesses in growth and scale for nearly 50 years. They have negated the requirements for costly procedures of relocating, rebuilding, or new construction by offering an alternative: raising the roof.

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