Leading Chicago Physical Therapy Center In Motion Physical Therapy Now Offers In-Home Therapy

Published January 30, 2024

In Motion Physical Therapy, a physical therapy center in Chicago, is pleased to share that it now offers in-home therapy. For those with a busy life, this center provides self-pay wellness services and physical therapy sessions within a mile of the clinic. This helps patients receive the care they need at their convenience and at the privacy of their own homes. The in-home treatments are offered based on individual needs and diagnosis and only if the certified physical therapist feels it appropriate to provide in-home therapies.

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines.
In Motion Physical Therapy

The leading Chicago physical therapy center also offers personal training sessions after the completion of physical therapy sessions. Many patients choose to continue with these sessions to achieve a higher level of function as they progress. Personal training services are also offered for individuals who want to lose weight or build strength or those who wish to maintain their health. Individuals seeking more information about these services can request an appointment through the website.

In Motion Physical Therapy in Chicago is known for its holistic physical therapy and sports therapy services, wherein the certified physical therapist assesses a patient as a whole person rather than addressing just the pain and the symptoms. This helps the therapist provide individualized and comprehensive care rather than shortcut treatments or pain management solutions using medications. Treating the body as a whole interconnected system and not as individual parts is what is known as a holistic approach. Dr. Lauren Schnidman, the lead therapist, also encourages patients to advocate for their own health and be proactive in managing their symptoms. The center helps active adults and individuals with weight loss goals return to their active lives while avoiding surgeries and prolonged time staying away from the physical activities and sports they love.

The holistic physical therapy center provides sports therapy services for active individuals and sports enthusiasts. Sports therapy is not just for recovery. It is a therapy that prepares and protects the body from serious injuries while running or playing tennis. A physical therapist doctor will assess the person’s current strength level and create a plan to target the weakest feature to prevent injuries. Once this assessment is done, a certified personal trainer will oversee the plan to ensure the patient sees the best results.

Sports therapy also helps treat current injuries in athletes. Most patients treat minor injuries very lightly. Tennis elbow, for instance, is a classic example. Players believe that they can play through despite the pain. But when left untreated, the same can lead to arthritis or loss of function at the elbow. A certified physical therapist can help fix a lot of such issues with helpful exercises and provide solutions that prioritize rest. The therapy also gives more importance to flexibility. Stretching is one of the best ways to improve flexibility. The therapists recommend good stretching techniques that also strengthen the muscles. The center also believes that their patients and clients need to be educated about common sports injuries to avoid serious injuries and be proactive while managing the symptoms.

To learn more, visit https://inmotionptchi.com/services/in-home-therapy/.

About In Motion Physical Therapy

In Motion Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services and helps patients return to regular routines. Athletes looking to return to their favorite sports, teens, and adults seeking to lose weight, busy parents looking to improve their body mobility to keep up with their children's busy schedules, post-op patients on the road to recovery, and elderly citizens looking to return to their previously active lifestyles can all benefit from In Motion Physical Therapy's services. The center is led by Dr. Lauren Schnidman, a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University and an avid sportsman and outdoor activity enthusiast. The services provided at In Motion Physical Therapy are designed to help patients return to their routine activities as soon as possible.


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