Joe Parent, Head of Learning for Fierce, Inc, Talks with Edward J. Beltran, of Pulse Experience Podcast

Published February 5, 2024

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Joe Parent, Head of Learning for Fierce, Inc and Pulse by Fierce CEO Edward J. Beltran discuss the Pulse app's ability to lower stress levels and increase productivity by helping coachees achieve intimacy, clear communication, and healthy boundaries.

The concept of accountability becomes more complex for professionals in leadership positions. As Parent's coachee discovered in the session featured in this episode, feeling accountable not only for one's own actions but also for the actions of others can lead to hidden stress. Parent's coachee, a high-performing individual contributor, had to navigate being part of a team.

Though Parent's coachee described himself as self-aware, he uncovered hidden microstressors with the help of the Pulse app. According to Parent, the coachee had "growing concerns and frustrations" about his colleagues on the sales team. His reaction, which Beltran agrees can be common, was to feel that he had to pick up the slack. "That will start to wear on you," Parent says. "He was feeling the weight."

Parent points out that feeling responsible for the actions of others can lead to hard conversations. But, in a "fast-paced, high stakes environment" like sales, it can be challenging to make time and space for them. Parent's coachee realized that he needed to initiate communication in order to give valuable feedback. Ultimately, these conversations allowed him to share insight into the organization and connect emotionally with his team-members.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What does personal accountability look like for people in leadership positions?

  • How can shouldering the responsibilities of others lead to hidden stress?

  • Why is it so important to have hard conversations when working at part of a team?

  • How does the concept of "Gradually then Suddenly" apply to accountability?

  • How does the phrase "smart and heart" apply to leadership in a sales environment?

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