Jin Zuo's "Wandering Dust" Exhibition Commences in Beijing

Published August 23, 2023

Beijing, August 22, 2023 — The solo art exhibition of Jin Zuo, titled "Wandering Dust," has opened its doors at the 798 Art District in Beijing, under the auspices of Li Gallery. The exhibition, featuring a collection of 30 recent oil paintings by Jin Zuo, will be on display until September 8. The grand inauguration ceremony unfolded on August 12 at Li Gallery, graced by the presence of more than 200 distinguished guests.

Born in Hebei in 1968, Jin Zuo is the visionary behind the "Wu Xiang" (Enlightenment school) artistic movement. In 2012, he founded the Sino-Canadian Art Association and assumed the mantle of its president. Concurrently, he serves as the Artistic Director of the ICANARTS Gallery in Canada. Jin Zuo's acclaimed piece "Flesh Tones" resonated deeply during the 2015 American Contemporary Art Exhibition. His "Colored Vision Debunked" series garnered a spot among Toronto's top ten news events in 2017. His anti-war masterpiece "Eternal Vision" garnered attention from international art critics at the 2023 New York International Contemporary Art Exhibition. Furthermore, his anti-war creation "Changing Perspectives" was showcased at the 2023 United Nations Women and Children's Conference, championing global peace and humanitarianism.

Within this Beijing exhibition, Jin Zuo forges his identity through "Wandering Dust," seamlessly intertwining abstract expressionism and bridging Eastern and Western aesthetic traditions. His creations encompass philosophical and Zen Buddhist ideals, showcasing how a Chinese artist living abroad captures life's fleeting moments and universal existence against the tapestry of diverse cultural influences. "Wu Xiang," the epitome of Jin Zuo's artistic style and philosophy, encapsulates his belief in leveraging art to awaken self-awareness and the essence of the cosmos. For him, painting is not just a technique, but a spiritual odyssey. "Wandering Dust" encapsulates his profound insights into life and existence.

Artist Cui Zimo delved into the essence of "Wu Xiang," stating, "Exploring artistic styles and ideologies is both an individual and collective pursuit. Pioneering a new genre involves not only innovating artistic forms but also reinterpreting symbols and cementing thoughts. While the annals of world art have evolved significantly, breaking new ground beyond our forebears' accomplishments necessitates united endeavors."

Cai Kui, President of the Canadian Oil Painting Association, commented on Jin Zuo's impressive repertoire of contemporary and abstract artworks. The exhibited pieces introduce refreshing elements, characterized by vibrant hues and luminosity, diverging substantially from his earlier works. He eagerly anticipates Jin Zuo's forthcoming masterpieces.

Han Jiemin, Head of a New York-based art gallery, extolled, "Jin Zuo's pieces that graced the 2023 New York Art Expo left an indelible impression. The works showcased in Beijing stand as a testament to his perpetual innovation. His creations encapsulate unique philosophies and ideas, spanning a wide artistic spectrum. They not only secure a market presence but also resonate with numerous art connoisseurs." Jin Zuo's artistic language propels him onto the global art stage.

Curator Xu Yizhen shared that curating "Wandering Dust" was born from an appreciation of Jin Zuo's artworks. His pieces radiate profound cosmic energy, unveiling cosmic perspectives, worldviews, and life insights that resonate deeply. She hopes audiences will encounter Jin Zuo's artistic philosophy through the lens of "Wu Xiang."

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