Iternal Technologies brings Turnkey AI to the Startup Market to drive growth for Vcinity

Published May 22, 2024

Iternal Technologies and Vcinity are proud to announce a partnership to drive more revenue using next generation Generative AI hyper-personalization technologies.

As Iternal rapidly expands its customer base they have selected Vcinity as their first start-up customer and partner.

Iternal’s cutting edge enterprise secure out-of-the-box AI platform called Turnkey AI has been proven at scale for 4+ years with global Fortune 500 customers like Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, and AMD.

John Byron Hanby IV, Founder and Chief Executive Officer says “We are very excited to collaborate with Vcinity to help them scale their customer engagements. Using Turnkey AI, hyper-personalization has been proven at the enterprise level to increase customer engagement by 16X with cold email click through rates as high as 81.6%. We look forward to bringing this same power to Vcinity and demonstrate the value of hyper-personalization and engage customers in a way that was previously impossible without Turnkey AI.”

Vcinity’s solutions enable ultra-fast, ultra-efficient, and secure data movement to any location, all with predictable performance. Vcinity’s detailed solution offering is perfectly positioned to benefit from a hyper-personalized go-to-market strategy. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Harry Carr, Vcinity’s CEO says “Iternal’s technology is a game changer, and its people are world class and value driven. We are excited to be their first startup customer and partner. We believe Iternal will dramatically accelerate Vcinity’s sales pipeline and revenue growth as a company that would otherwise take us years to accomplish.”

About Iternal Technologies: 

The world thinks in files. We think in Ideas® to transform enterprises into dynamic Idea Factories through patented AI solutions and transformative methodologies. Our cutting-edge, enterprise-secure, out-of-the-box AI platform, Turnkey AI, is designed to reimagine workflows, enhance customer engagement, and scale innovative ideas seamlessly.

Trusted by global leaders such as Dell Technologies, NVIDIA, and AMD, Iternal has consistently demonstrated the impact of our solutions over 4+ years. With Turnkey AI, organizations can swiftly deploy production AI use cases and achieve rapid time to value in just weeks, eliminating the lengthy and uncertain journeys of AI science projects.

About Vcinity:

Vcinity makes real-time access to data, everywhere—from anywhere—possible. Its technology solves the challenges of moving or using large and dispersed datasets, like those used by AI models, to accelerate time to intelligent insights and action—and drive better commercial and mission-critical outcomes. For more, visit

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