IOWA Air Filtration Company PHW Champions Health Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Published August 28, 2023

 Plumbing and Heating Wholesale, Inc., champions the significance of indoor air quality (IAQ) in health care and assisted living facilities throughout Iowa with a newly released article that sheds light on the strategies directors, managers, and personnel can employ to enhance IAQ, ensuring the well-being of patients, residents, and medical personnel.

For the full article and more details, visit: Camfil Newsroom

Article Highlights:

  • Recognition of the health risks associated with poor IAQ in health care and assisted living facilities.
  • Comprehensive understanding of IAQ's role in these settings and the performance of HVAC systems.
  • Cost-effective strategies to ensure a healthy IAQ.
  • A deep dive into the importance of MERV-A ratings and the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) awareness.
  • Proven strategies for elevating IAQ, coupled with case studies exemplifying successful implementations.

A Glance into the Content: Poor indoor air quality stands as a prominent health threat, particularly in health care and assisted living facilities. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources identifies inferior air quality as particularly detrimental to children, seniors, and individuals with respiratory ailments. Marc Johnson, Camfil USA, Healthcare Segment Manager, emphasizes, “The contaminants causing air quality concerns in health care facilities arise both from external environments and internal sources, from patients to equipment movement.”

The article meticulously breaks down the intricacies of IAQ in these settings, emphasizing the role of the HVAC system, the importance of appropriate air filters, and the significance of MERV-A ratings. The content highlights the tangible benefits of investing in premium air filters that are energy-efficient, durable, and effective in capturing contaminants.

The piece also offers insights into the potential energy savings linked with enhanced IAQ, strategies for continuous improvement, and the importance of training and educating staff on the significance of IAQ.

About Plumbing and Heating Wholesale, Inc.: With over 40 years of dedicated service in parts of Iowa and South Dakota, Plumbing and Heating Wholesale, Inc., has become an industry stalwart. Strategically situated with headquarters in Sioux Center, Iowa, and extending its services through various offices, the company's growth trajectory is guided by its commitment to providing trusted brands to trades.

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For the full article and more details, visit: Camfil Newsroom

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