Introducing Thing Stories: Lithuania's Premier Table Linen Brand

Published July 5, 2024

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Thing Stories stands out by blending traditional Lithuanian craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each product is meticulously crafted to reflect the country's artistic heritage, ensuring that every piece is not just a table linen but a story in itself. From elegant tablecloths to stylish napkins, the collection is designed to bring a touch of sophistication and warmth to any dining table.

Premium Quality Materials

Committed to excellence, Thing Stories uses only the finest materials for its products. The linens are made from premium natural fibers, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. The brand prioritizes sustainability, sourcing materials responsibly and adhering to eco-friendly manufacturing processes. This commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that customers receive products that are not only beautiful but also long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Easy Online Shopping Experience

The new website,, offers a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to explore and purchase from the brand's exquisite collection with ease. The user-friendly interface, detailed product descriptions, and high-resolution images provide a comprehensive view of each item, helping customers make informed choices. Additionally, the website features a blog section where visitors can find inspiration, styling tips, and stories behind the designs.

A Vision for Every Table

Thing Stories is more than just a brand; it is a vision for every dining table. Whether it's a family gathering, a festive celebration, or a quiet dinner at home, Thing Stories' table linens are designed to enhance every meal. The brand's mission is to make every dining experience special by adding a touch of elegance and charm through its beautifully crafted products.

About Thing Stories

Thing Stories is a Lithuanian brand specializing in premium table linen products. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and design, the brand aims to bring the beauty of Lithuanian craftsmanship to homes worldwide. Each product is thoughtfully designed and made with care, reflecting the brand's commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Contact Information

For more information, please visit or contact:

Owner: Simona Vaiciene


Phone: +37067130906

Release ID: 1062957

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