Ibogaine Clinic and Research Center Ensure Safety Protocol of Ibogaine Hydrochloride.

Published September 29, 2023

MIAMI, FL --- Located in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, David Dardashti owns and operates an ibogaine clinic that both offers treatment to those struggling with addiction and mental health, and also conducts regular research used to conduct the most optimal protocols to ensure the most effective treatment possible. The clinic’s current research ensures optimal dosing of ibogaine hydrochloride on a physiological level. How is this done?

To ensure safety precautions of ibogaine hydrochloride the clinic has conducted an experiment based on the authorisation of twenty different people receiving ibogaine treatment. Blood was drawn prior to treatment and measured once more in the days after treatment. This was essential to properly analyze all vital bioavailability factors.

The research indicated a healthy distribution of biological factors such as various blood cells, blood sugar, insulin, and even testosterone. The test not only demonstrated that ibogaine did not disrupt any biological functionality it also showed stabilization of such entities .Those who displayed low numbers of biological entities tended to see a healthy increase and those with high numbers of biological entities tended to see an increase. This study helped prove ibogaine to not only be safe on a physiological level, it demonstrated its medicinal properties.

The ibogaine clinic is in the process of creating a detailed analysis of the report based on doctor approved authorization. This will allow those concerned about the safety protocol of ibogaine proven results to ensure a healthy and successful treatment. The clinic continues to measure success by enhancing more effective protocol. The ibogaine dosage is essential for the most optimal treatment. By combining these lab approved results the facility extends its research in order and expands its horizons.

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