Frog Lock Locksmith Urges Long Island Residents to Secure Exterior Doors with Additional Deadbolt Locks

Published June 17, 2023

Long Island, New York - Frog Lock Locksmith, a leading provider of locksmith services in Long Island, New York, is taking a proactive approach to address the alarming increase in crime rates in the area. With a commitment to ensuring the safety and security of local residents, Frog Lock Locksmith emphasizes the importance of securing all exterior doors with additional deadbolt locks, particularly the back door, to deter potential break-ins and safeguard homes.

Recent statistics reveal that Long Island has experienced a significant surge in criminal activities, leaving homeowners concerned about their personal safety and the security of their properties. Business owners, too, are not exempt from the threats posed by rising crime rates. So, it’s much more important to secure commercial establishments and office spaces. Recognizing this urgent need for enhanced protection, As a trusted name in the locksmith industry, Frog Lock Locksmith recommends the installation of additional deadbolt locks to reinforce existing door security.

In today's rapidly advancing digital age, Frog Lock Locksmith also encourages homeowners to consider the benefits of digital locks, such as smart locks. These innovative solutions allow users to control their locks remotely, granting them unprecedented convenience and peace of mind. With a simple tap on their cell phones, residents can secure or unlock their doors from anywhere, ensuring maximum control over access to their homes. While smart locks are an excellent option, Frog Lock Locksmith emphasizes that at the very least, a reliable deadbolt lock should be installed to fortify the security of every home.

To their expertise in lock installations, Frog Lock Locksmith also specializes in comprehensive security solutions, including the installation of Ring doorbell cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. By integrating state-of-the-art surveillance technology, homeowners can proactively deter criminal activities and capture valuable evidence if an incident occurs. These systems are an invaluable asset in identifying perpetrators and assisting law enforcement agencies in their investigations.

To further assist Long Island residents in making informed security decisions, Frog Lock Locksmith provides consultation services. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to assessing the unique security needs of each home, offering tailored recommendations and solutions that align with individual requirements and budgets.

"Our mission at Frog Lock Locksmith is to provide our customers with peace of mind by offering top-notch security solutions," said Meir Efargan CEO, As a reputable locksmith business with deep roots in the Long Island community, Frog Lock Locksmith remains committed to helping residents protect their homes and loved ones. Their dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and superior workmanship have positioned them as a trusted partner in securing properties across the region.

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About Frog Lock Locksmith:

Frog Lock Locksmith is a reputable locksmith company located in Long Island, New York. With a commitment to delivering exceptional security solutions, the company offers a wide range of services, including lock installation, repairs, rekeying, and emergency locksmith assistance. Frog Lock Locksmith takes pride in their highly skilled team of professionals and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

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