Flora Arbor to produce King Louie’s RoyalTree Reserve cannabis brand in Illinois

Published December 15, 2023

Flora Arbor LLC, an Illinois licensed craft grow 2108010130-CG based in Elgin, Illinois is proud to announce an exclusive licensing, manufacturing, and distribution agreement with RoyalTree Reserve founded by Chicago-based, Grammy-nominated rapper, King Louie. King Louie is known for pioneering the drill music subgenre and his music and videos has served as a platform advocating for the cannabis culture for the past decade.

“As a local Chicago artist, I’m hyped to partner with Flora to bring my vision of a premium cannabis experience to my city. It’s a lifestyle for us, so it’s gonna be the best or nothing at all.”, says King Louie.

“I’m helping the community understand how harmful untested cannabis really is. If your weed didn’t go through a test, it cannot be the best. With RoyalTree Reserve I'm personally bringing my favorite strains that have been tested to ensure you’re smoking pure gas and nothing less.” King Louie added.

“We’re excited to partner with King Louie and RoyalTree Reserve. The brand is committed to driving positive community impact, supporting local initiatives, and a forward moving shift towards equality and change. Together, we plan on bringing our local community together by promoting peace, cannabis education, and driving demand to dispensaries through events featuring King Louie”, said Joe Marano, Sales and Brand Manager of Flora Arbor. Flora Arbor is currently identifying dispensary partners to showcase RoyalTree in Illinois with exclusive drops, initial product launches, and vendor days.

About RoyalTree Reserve

RoyalTree Reserve by King Louie was born out of the desire to bring a sense of majesty, refinement, and nobility to the cannabis experience. Just as a royalty rule with grace and power, RoyalTree aims to rule and command the cannabis industry by providing exceptional products that elevate the senses and create memorable moments of true indulgence.

About Flora Arbor LLC

Flora Arbor LLC was awarded a craft grow license by the Illinois Department of Agriculture in 2021. Located in Elgin, Illinois in a state-of-the-art 51,000 sq ft. Cultivation and Manufacturing Facility. Flora cultivates, extracts, manufactures, packages and distributes cannabis products to retail dispensaries throughout the state of Illinois.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.floraarbor.com

Media Contact

Name: Joe Marano

Phone: 224-229-1547

Email: joe.marano@floracg.com

Website: www.floraarbor.com

Release ID: 841273

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