Five pointers before filing a truck accident lawsuit in LA

Published July 7, 2024

While any accident is worrisome and unfortunate, truck accidents are particularly scary. Because these are huge vehicles that are often loaded, the consequences of a crash are often troublesome for victims. If you sustained injuries in a truck accident in Los Angeles, your first concern should be seeking medical care. You need records and evidence of your injuries and other losses, and it is just as relevant to gather details from various sources. When you don’t have the expertise, hiring a Los Angeles truck accident attorney is the best step forward. Here are five pointers to know.

  • There is a time cap: If you wish to sue the at-fault party for an auto accident, the statute of limitations in California has set a two-year deadline for that. Missing that mark could mean losing the chance to seek compensation, and that is your only option when the insurance process doesn’t give you a settlement.
  • There could be multiple parties responsible: Unlike accidents involving passenger vehicles, cases involving trucks are often more complex. Besides the truck driver, the trucking company, the loading service, or even the vehicle manufacturer could be potential parties to a claim. As such, the investigation should be done accordingly.
  • Your fault is relevant: California is one of the few states that follows the pure comparative fault norm. If you are partly at fault for a crash that involved a truck, you can still sue the at-fault party, even when your fault is over 50%. However, your final settlement would be significantly lower and will be adjusted for the percentage of the blame.
  • Hiring a lawyer is not expensive: If you are wondering whether you can afford a truck accident lawyer, remember that there is the usual contingency arrangement for such cases. Your lawyer will take a fixed percentage of your settlement, which could be 30% or more, but you don’t have to pay them an upfront fee.
  • Insurance companies are shrewd: If you think the commercial insurance company will pay you a fair settlement after filing a truck accident claim, you are likely wrong. Claims adjusters don’t care for victims and will do everything possible to pay less. Always let your attorney do the negotiation and handle communication for you.

Finally, getting compensated after a truck accident in LA can take significant time. Trust your lawyer for their expertise and allow them to fight on your behalf. Find a local lawyer now!

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