EvenMix Brings Cutting-Edge Advantage of Its Mixing Technology to Muskoka Grown

Published February 14, 2024

EvenMix, a trusted name among clients in various industry sectors, has offered the exciting advantages of its mixing technology to Muskoka Grown, the leading cannabis producer in Canada, known for its contamination-free growing environments.

Since its establishment, EvenMix has aimed to raise the bar for mixing technology for clients in different industry sectors, from beverages to agriculture. It has done that by bringing cutting-edge aerospace engineering techniques to design pump technology into variable pitch blades. Proudly manufacturing in the US, it is committed to ensuring that the quality of its products is never compromised.

EvenMix brings true mixing technology to in-drum liquids across industries.

That is how the leading brand has earned the trust of its clients, and its stellar reviews are a testament to its quality. It is interesting to note that its innovation is built around Special Metal Stamping, which is primarily a metal stamping, forming, welding, painting, and assembly business. American Assembly Tools, on the other hand, designs and manufactures industry-leading high torque and high-speed pneumatic nut runners.

The former’s abilities are used for the mixers of the company, while the latter’s air motor technology is used in its motors. Together, their properties and benefits have revolutionized mixing in agriculture and many other industries. In fact, the solutions from the top-notch brand have been used in chemicals, ink, paint and coating, oil, gas and mining, personal care, water treatment, and many other applications.

Some of the stunning benefits of these products from EvenMix include the fact that they lead to superior mixing every single time. These mixers are extremely powerful for diverse requirements in manufacturing, but at the same time, they are lightweight and easy to handle as well. According to clients, they have also worked out to be cost-effective solutions for their mixing requirements.

And that has also been the case with Muskoka Grown, which is a leading cannabis producer in Canada. The company is known for its attention to detail and commitment to clean and contaminant-free mixing environments. It picked mixers from the company for contamination-free mixing and hasn’t been disappointed as they have received several brilliant benefits from this cutting-edge mixing technology. The state-of-the-art feed room of Muskoka Grown is powered by eight digital mixers that ensure the ultimate blend of nutrients for their plants.

“We picked EvenMix® because the power draw was less than what we were using, and it’s saving on our energy costs, and they are working really great, so we are very happy,” confirmed Terry Slemin, the facility maintenance manager for the company.

To learn more about the advantages it has brought to the company and its various mixers, visit https://evenmix.com/.

About EvenMix

EvenMix brings true mixing technology to in-drum liquids across industries. The company offers the most innovative mixers of all time that evenly mix any kind of liquid with any consistency. IBC tote mixers, drum mixers, tank mixers, and clamp mount mixers are the core products featured here. These blades are currently used in agriculture, beverage, chemicals, ink paint and coatings, lawn and tree fertilizers, oil gas and mining, personal care and CBD, polymer adhesive resin, and water treatment industries.


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