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Published May 22, 2024

Charlie Lass, CEO and founder of Humble Inc., announces that the mental health focused, entrepreneur launchpad platform has officially banned inauthentic, AI-created content. The articles, podcasts, videos, and all information on Humble go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure users are learning from authentic creators.

In the wake of several content creation platforms allowing AI-generated content and updating their terms of use, allowing them to use, modify, distribute, and profit from creator content, Humble has made this commitment to its creators.

“We want our users to learn from brilliant minds around the world, not a handful of language models with questionable experience. The combined knowledge of millions of people cannot be distilled into a chatbot without us losing our humanity,” Lass says.

“There is value in authenticity, and no value without a real connection. Behind our decision to ban AI content is humanity and humility. Users won’t be able to tell the difference between human and AI content. Eventually, most information will come from a single, unverified source. We aren’t protecting tradition for tradition's sake. With the increasing unregulated AI advancements, millions of people will lose jobs. The prevalence and sheer volume of inauthentic content will inevitably prove to have less value to people seeking real information. When we’re talking about people launching their business, Humble is a haven in the current climate of clickbait and influencers spreading misinformation,” Lass says.

His decision is driven by the desire to afford individuals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from verified and knowledgeable creators in the entrepreneurial space.

“People have lost faith in the future of fast and fake content. They are following creators on platforms with a strong mission and strong fundamentals underlying the business,” Lass says.

With the shift in confidence on the part of global users, Humble has received heightened interest, due to the authenticity of its valuable content. The users’ unique opportunity to have confidence in the legitimacy of what they are learning on the platform is just one example of Humble’s commitment to mental health.

About Charlie Lass:

Charlie Lass is a tech entrepreneur; MIT alumnus, lecturer, and author. Lass is the founder of Humble Inc.

Learn more at www.humble.inc

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