Eagle Technologies Group Helps Afghan Refugees Rebuild Their Lives After Years of Loyal Service

Published July 18, 2023

Founded by Rob Dyer, ETG is a security company that is equipping Afghan refugees with opportunities to live successful lives in a society that is foreign and new to them.

As the United States suddenly withdrew operations in Afghanistan many Afghan citizens were forced to leave behind their homes and families to immigrate to America after assisting the United States government and armed forces in the fight against the taliban.

Over 80,000 of these Afghan citizens now reside in the United States. Since immigrating, their needs to integrate into the economic classes of society and live fulfilling lives have gone largely unmet and often forgotten. After several deployments to Afghanistan during America’s involvement, Dyer has experienced firsthand the kindness, hospitality and family values of the Afghan people.

Instead of complaining about the failures of the United State’s withdrawal of services in Afghanistan, Dyer is returning the generosity he received in Afghanistan by giving Afghan refugees the chance to build a successful life in the US. By employing them as security guards at ETG, they are given the opportunity to turn military experience into a new career path.

With employment at ETG comes the opportunity to own equity in the company, a first in the industry to do so. The company takes to heart the needs for their employees to stay in connection with their families and support them while they continue to experience extreme hardship in Afghanistan. Currently, the corporation has written over 100 letters on behalf of their workers such as proof of employment, human resources, and letters to the State Department in hopes of rejoining them with their families.

When immigrating to the United States from Afghanistan many of these individuals may not have the required experience to be a security guard as they have largely held positions in the Afghan armed forces or worked with the American Government. To properly address this, ETG provides them with all the necessary training and qualifications to operate as a security guard, as well as providing them with a continuing education to specialize in different sectors of the security industry. This process is a lifesend for refugees whose work experience in their home country does not apply in the US, as each state requires an individual qualification for security guard positions.

With accommodated living the workforce is able to live with other Afghan refugees and begin to rebuild their lives in the communities they protect while becoming an integral aspect of the movement to restore the American economy. Living with other Afghans enables them to comfortably integrate into American society while still enjoying the comforts of their culture.

In regard to providing a sense of community for his employees Dyer says, “Afghan refugees have been ripped from their own country and left without a strong path towards success. At ETG, we don’t just put them by themselves in a department somewhere because they’re miserable without a community. With us they're in corporate housing, and are still able to speak Pashto and Dari with their friends that they've just made. This means they still have their Afghan community, and are not forced into this English-only environment.”

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