Discover the Path to Inner Peace and Awakening with "The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1

Published April 2, 2024

In an era where mental health and personal growth are at the forefront of public consciousness, a groundbreaking book emerges to offer a revolutionary approach to healing, awakening, and transformation. "The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1," authored by renowned NLP innovator Connirae Andreas, is set to launch, offering readers a profound journey into self-discovery and wholeness.

Connirae Andreas, Ph. D., is a respected author and pioneer in personal change and transformation.
The Wholeness Work

Developed through decades of personal exploration and research, the Wholeness Work offers deeper and more complete emotional healing, as well as a dependable path to spiritual awakening.Connirae Andreas's method has been hailed as a transformative process that is both accessible and deeply effective for individuals seeking peace, clarity, and a more fulfilling life.

What Sets This Book Apart?

"The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1" demystifies the journey towards inner peace, offering a clear, step-by-step guide that is both practical and profound. The book is unique in its ability to address a wide range of life issues — from anxiety and depression to sleep problems and deep-seated emotional pain — through a simple yet powerful process of self-inquiry and integration.

In this book, Connirae first guides you in a simple practice for dissolving/transforming the ego–or “limited self.” The results of this alone are quite remarkable. But there’s more.

Next Andreas shows you how to find what she calls “universal structures of the unconscious” that hold problems and stress in place. These had not been mapped out before.

This is the key to emotional healing at a deeper level than has been accomplished with current day psychological methods. And key to a full embodied awakening that lasts.

Key Features of the Book:

  • Detailed guidance on the foundational practices of The Wholeness Work, make it accessible to beginners and valuable to seasoned practitioners.

  • Real-life stories of transformation provide readers with inspiration and insights into the potential for their own change and healing.

  • A comprehensive overview of the methodology, including its development, theoretical underpinnings, and practical applications.

  • Tools and exercises designed for readers to apply the teachings in their daily lives, facilitating personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Launching Soon: Embark on Your Journey to Wholeness

"The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1" is set to launch soon, and anticipation is building for what promises to be a life-changing publication. Interested readers are encouraged to visit the landing page for more information, a chapter-by-chapter summary, and endorsements from those who have read this new transformational book.

Available for Purchase

"The Wholeness Work Essential Guide: Level 1" is available on Amazon. This launch marks a significant milestone in personal development and spiritual growth, providing an invaluable resource for those on the path to inner peace and wholeness.

About the Author

Connirae Andreas, Ph. D., is a respected author and pioneer in personal change and transformation. Over the past several decades, she has contributed to the development of techniques and methodologies that have helped countless individuals overcome challenges and lead more fulfilling lives.


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