Digital Menu Solution BudSense Well Positioned to Accommodate Enlighten Customers

Published December 6, 2023

On Dec 15th 2023 Weed Maps announced it will be sunsetting its Enlighten Digital Menu product leaving their client base searching to transition to a new product.

CEO of BudSense David Thomas says: "This is an ideal opportunity for BudSense. Since 2020 we have been expanding into this market and we have a solid understanding of the ever-changing cannabis industry in North America". "Enlighten clients" continues Thomas "will be looking to transition to a new digital menu solution very quickly. We can do that in one week making the transition seamless. This will be vital for dispensaries."

"Equally important" continues Thomas “ is that we have a partnership mentality with our retailers, their success is our success so yes, we can get you up and running in a week but we are also with you for the long-haul navigating the evolving cannabis industry with confidence."

BudSense, offers digital, web and print menu solutions on a month-to-month subscription model. Expecting to reach 20% of market share in the next 12- 18 months they are currently serving 500+ North American dispensaries. “We have yet to lose an active customer to competition and are maintaining a 98% retention rate” says Thomas. BudSense continues to lead the industry with new solutions including their latest launch of their automated print cards. Read more about Print Cards here.

BudSense's ability to make this transition for Enlighten customers so seamless is their 3-step process. "Our first step, the discovery call" says Thomas "means everything! We are good listeners and we know that every dispensary is unique and we get to the bottom of that so that our customized solution elevates the customer experience and builds the retailer's brand".

The second step coordinates the necessary hardware and tailors a menu strategy that is brand aligned. Their final step is for the retailer to simply request API access from their POS provider and they are up and running.

“We have been founded on two things" says Thomas " to make selling weed easy and to truly care about each retailer we bring on". "That is the foundation of our growing success and we look forward to welcoming former Enlighten customers so that they can continue to grow their business" concludes Thomas.

About BudSense

BudSense is an innovative solution designed to empower retailers in the cannabis industry, offering a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates with their existing POS System. The BudSense platform enables retailers to effortlessly customize their digital signage, creating dynamic cannabis menus that reflect their brand identity. With BudSense, retailers can easily add, remove, or modify their menus from any location, witnessing real-time changes within minutes. Beyond digital menus, BudSense facilitates the creation of automated and on-brand Paper Menus, as well as their latest innovation of Product Cards, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. Simplifying the process of selling weed, BudSense's cannabis inventory management system is a game-changer for retailers.


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