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Published June 2, 2023

Cool Wood Wildlife Park, a leading online platform that treasures facts and figures of the animal kingdom across the globe, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for as it expands its online presence. The platform extends a warm welcome to the readers of and is happy to share knowledge with children and adults who are passionate about animals.

Cool Wood Wildlife Park is a learning platform featuring animal and wildlife behavior of various species
Cool Wood Wildlife Park is a non-government organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and promoting eco-tourism. It is monitored by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to provide 100% sustainable touring. Its remarkable acquisition by aims to enhance its digital offerings by providing valuable content and engaging a broader audience who are passionate about learning about the conservation of wildlife and ecotourism. The two organizations have merged because of their common goals and ambitions.

The integration of the and Cool Wood Wildlife Park community is a blessing to animal lovers and environmentalists as both platforms are seamless and symbiotic. They can now mutually share extensive knowledge through fascinating articles, educational resources, and real-life experiences. This amplifies the reading experience and spreads awareness of sustainable practices of wildlife preservation in and around Cambodia.

The CEO of is glad to extend a warm welcome to the audience of According to her, the acquisition aims to create a unified platform that serves as a hub for wildlife lovers and fosters conservation responsibility to the community. By collaborating, they collectively contribute to spreading awareness on the protection of endangered species and promoting responsible traveling practices.

Cool Wood Wildlife Park, known for its educational initiatives, offers its visitors a unique opportunity to grab various features of the platform to connect with nature firsthand. Education on the animal kingdom is essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and preserve wildlife for human existence. The merging of the platforms offers carefully curated articles and educational programs to spread awareness on the conservation of the fauna of the planet.

With the new acquisition, both organizations combine their resources, experience, and network to strengthen their conservation efforts on a global scale. As a collective team, they aim to drive impactful modifications to preserve the natural ecosystem, including the endangered species for future generations. The collaborative team works hard to streamline conservation efforts and enhance the implementation of existing projects with more enthusiasm. They want to develop new initiatives to align with their common goals. Through this acquisition, the reputed online platform demonstrates commitment and dedication toward wildlife conservation.

About Cool Wood Wildlife Park

Cool Wood Wildlife Park is a learning platform featuring animal and wildlife behavior of various species. Started by a zoo keeper in San Diego who is fascinated by the fauna of the planet, she wants to provide an online learning platform about the animal kingdom.



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