Coincrib: Paving the Way for the Future of E-commerce

Published October 2, 2023

The Coincrib Platform offers an all-in-one solution that redefines the shopping experience by providing a crypto marketplace where buyers and sellers can engage in transactions seamlessly.

Coincrib's mission is to provide a secure and innovative platform for online shopping with cryptocurrency payment methods, striving to ensure a safe and transparent experience for all users.

With the blockchain's potential, our Founder and CEO, Arcangelo Magno, envisions a future where creativity meets revolution, underpinned by the confidence of our partners and investors who have supported us from the Private Sale stage.

Coincrib's journey in the dynamic world of e-commerce has gained significant attention, and our forthcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of the $CRIB token is a pivotal moment in our journey.

As Coincrib continues to grow, consumers and merchants will benefit from the advantages of our platform. Our IDO, starting on October 3, 2023, provides early adopters with a unique opportunity to be part of our transformative journey.

Here's an overview of the upcoming presale phases for the $CRIB token:

First phase (October 3-10, 2023):

  • Token Price: $CRIB = USDT 0.012
  • Total sum: 10M tokens
  • Location: Coincrib

Second phase (October 11-18, 2023):

  • Token Price: $CRIB = USDT 0.013
  • Total sum: 10M tokens
  • Location: Coincrib and GemPad launchpad

Third phase (October 19-November 19, 2023):

  • Token Price: $CRIB = USDT 0.014
  • Total sum: 10M tokens
  • Location: the GemPad launchpad

This upcoming IDO underscores our commitment to the cryptocurrency community, and we aim to provide a platform that stands out in the world of e-commerce.


We want to emphasize that all investments carry inherent risks. Cryptocurrency investments, in particular, are subject to market fluctuations and regulatory considerations that can impact the value and legality of assets.

While we strive to maintain the highest standards of security and compliance, it is crucial for users to exercise due diligence before participating in our presale or using our platform. We recommend seeking advice from financial professionals and understanding the regulatory environment in your jurisdiction.

Coincrib is dedicated to providing a safe and transparent platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but we cannot guarantee the performance of cryptocurrencies or external market forces.

By participating in our platform or our presale, users acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency investments. We encourage users to make informed decisions and invest only what they can afford to lose.

For more information about Coincrib and its upcoming presale, visit the website and stay tuned for the upcoming updates on Twitter, Telegram, or LinkedIn.

About Coincrib:

Coincrib is a cryptocurrency-focused online marketplace based in Panama. Our platform aims to revolutionize the world of online shopping by providing an all-in-one solution. We prioritize security, accessibility, efficiency, and community involvement to lead the cryptocurrency-driven e-commerce revolution.

Media Contact:

Release ID: 755024

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