CO2 Ecosystem by CO2 Bank Launches CO2 DAO Treasury, Aims to Improve Decentralized Investment Landscape

Published September 17, 2023

CO2 Ecosystem, a global decentralized investment, business, and consumption funding tool has launched the CO2 DAO treasury and aims to improve the decentralized investment landscape. The blockchain space marked a significant shift in user behavior, with experts and the community favoring decentralized projects. The CO2 Ecosystem caught everyone’s attention because it’s an ecosystem comprising several sub-domains, each created to benefit the community and support businesses worldwide. And CO2 DAO Treasury plays a major role.

The CO2 ecosystem is designed to deliver and bring prosperity to the community, as per the official statement. The project achieves this by systematically integrating the various sub-domains such that the products complement each other. So far, the results have met the initial expectations and deadlines, and the developers and the community couldn’t be more thrilled.

Besides, CO2 aims to help the community live a prosperous life, aid in fulfilling their dreams and ambitions, and promote meaningful consumption. And it was the need of the hour, given the drastic changes the world underwent in the last couple of years, particularly, post the pandemic. Economic and financial activities suffered tremendously, with many countries on the brink of recession. And at this juncture, a project like CO2 makes all the more sense! Be it for buyers, sellers, or investors.

The various subdomains

The CO2 ecosystem consists of five domains, three of which are functional, and the remaining two will be launched soon. The CO2 Bank, CO2 Money, and CO2 Swap are active, while CO2 NFT CO2 Burn will be live in the coming days.

1. CO2 Bank

The CO2 Bank is an integral part of the ecosystem, where people fund each other. It’s a community bank where those actively involved get to derive benefits. And it’s built on trust. The members help each other, provide the necessary capital, and, in turn, earn rewards.

Even initially, the user doesn’t have to pay the entire $300 funding upfront, but just 16% ($48) of it. The rest 84% remains in their pocket, while they still get an interest on the amount, which is in the range of 5-30%

2. CO2 Money

Next on the list is CO2 Money, a subdomain that empowers the community financially. It helps members fulfill their needs, make stress-free purchases, and let the project handle the finances.

The idea is to create a global consumer capital market, where it’s the community that provides the capital to members.

3. CO2 Swap

Swaps play a significant role in the blockchain space, and the CO2 ecosystem developing its own comes as no surprise. The CO2 Swap is systematically designed, keeping the security and usability aspects in mind, and delivers a seamless user experience.

4. CO2 NFT

Yet to be launched, CO2 NFT will be an NFT finance platform that will redefine the space.

5. CO2 Burn

CO2 Burn will act as the one-stop platform to track token burning within the ecosystem. It will present accurate figures in an understandable manner.

CO2 DAO Treasury and the tokenomics

As the name suggests, the CO2 DAO Treasury will be the backbone of the project. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, one where members have the power and are the driving force. The idea is gaining popularity, and more and more community-oriented projects are adopting the system.

The CO2 DAO Treasury will hold the amount deposited by members. And to be part of the community and utilize the projects, they will have to make deposits to the treasury for the burning of the tokens. This will, in turn, increase the value of the tokens that remain in circulation.

To ensure no sudden change in value, the CO2 ecosystem will mint tokens as per the market conditions and the present demand and supply. If the token value is high, a smaller amount will be minted to be given as rewards, and vice versa. The deflationary characteristic of the token will be a contributing factor and should favor the ecosystem.

The total token supply is capped at 500 trillion, and only 1%, i.e., 5 trillion, will be issued initially. And the process of token minting and burning will continue as per the platform's operations and the market volatility. Remember, the number of tokens burned will always be higher than that minted to ensure scarcity and increase the value.

An ecosystem as user and market-oriented as CO2 has certainly gotten its share of attention. The smart contracts will enable secure and seamless functioning, while the market-friendly tokenomics will drive the project’s finances.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Individuals should seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. The CO2 DAO Treasury is a high-risk investment and individuals should only invest what they can afford to lose. The company and its affiliates do not guarantee any returns or profits. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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