Celebration Stadium Amps Up Birthdays With Exciting Products. New Items Coming Up This July

Published July 3, 2024

Gone are the days of struggling with flimsy candle holders that topple over or limit you to a specific number of candles. Celebration Stadium, a company dedicated to crafting unforgettable birthday experiences, is shaking things up with innovative new products that will be arriving in July. Their thoughtfully designed candle holders and accessories are already transforming birthday celebrations, and the upcoming additions promise to elevate the party experience even further. 

Transforming Birthday Traditions

Inventor Knight Merritt understands the importance of birthday milestones. Inspired by a desire to create a memorable celebration for his friend's 80th birthday, he envisioned a candle holder capable of accommodating many candles. This simple idea blossomed into Celebration Stadium.

The Grandstand: A Customizable Candle Extravaganza

The centerpiece of Celebration Stadium's product line is the "Grandstand." Unlike traditional holders with limited capacity, the Grandstand offers a modular design.  This birthday candle holder, composed of individual sections, can be adjusted to perfectly accommodate any number of candles, from a classic 10 for a 10th birthday to a staggering 110 for a truly monumental occasion. 

Even odd numbers, often a challenge with traditional holders, are easily accommodated with the Grandstand's adaptable design. Constructed from flame-resistant plastic, this durable holder features precision-sized candle holes with small wells to catch any wax drips. Offered in a sleek white hue, the Grandstand requires no assembly and is ready to impress immediately.

The Candelabra: Elegance Meets Flexibility

The Candelabra is a stunning option for those seeking a touch of grandeur. This elegant holder can accommodate up to 100 candles, allowing for a dazzling display. The Candelabra's unique design prioritizes both functionality and aesthetics. Each holder features numerous candle holes, allowing you to fill as many or as few as desired without compromising the visual appeal. 

Crafted from sturdy aluminum composite, the Candelabra is available in two sophisticated colors: a classic white and a glamorous silver mirror finish. Candelabra candle holder's versatility allows you to perfectly match your chosen theme, creating a birthday celebration that's both personal and unforgettable.

Beyond Candle Holders: The Finishing Touches

Celebration Stadium understands that birthdays are more than just candles. To elevate the entire celebration experience, they offer a range of complementary accessories. The Grand Entrance Tray is the embodiment of both elegance and functionality. This beautiful tray is the perfect centerpiece for holding the birthday cake and your candle holder. 

The pristine white background is adorned with a striking gold "Happy Birthday" inscription and a tasteful gold confetti swirl design, adding a touch of sophistication to any celebration. Tall Gold Birthday Candles further elevate the cake presentation. The gleaming light of gold candles adds a touch of sophistication and perfectly complements gold-themed parties.  For a personal touch, Celebration Stadium also offers personalized birthday toppers and glittery gold number candles, allowing you to customize the celebration for the guest of honor.

A July Surprise Awaits

While Celebration Stadium's existing products are already transforming birthday celebrations, the company is keeping details close to the vest about their exciting new product launch coming in July.  Their dedication to innovation and creating unique experiences suggests that these upcoming additions will further enhance the birthday experience. 

Celebration Stadium is all about creating memories. Their thoughtfully designed products and upcoming launch promise to revolutionize birthday celebrations, allowing families and friends to come together and celebrate life's milestones in style.

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