California’s leading solar service company announces the next step of their US expansion

Published September 15, 2023

EnergyAid, a California-based provider of high-quality service, maintenance, tune-ups and system evaluations for residential customers, is announcing its expansion plans into states around the US.

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The company was founded in 2012, but two years ago EnergyAid began offering solar maintenance and repair services. In the past two years the company has become the leading provider of solar system services in the state of California. Currently, they complete up to 550 services a week and have six offices throughout the state of California. In the next two years EnergyAid plans to expand the company into Nevada and Arizona and then eventually into Texas and Florida.

EnergyAid offers maintenance and repair services to solar and batteries primarily for homeowners and the state's largest solar companies. According to Will Johnson, Co Founder of EnergyAid, people with solar systems installed often run into problems because they don’t know about the proper upkeep that is needed to maintain an efficient running set of panels. The company offers a wide range of services from standard cleaning to inverter replacements.

As the push towards sustainability and utilizing renewable energy sources becomes a focus of the United States, solar power is one of the prioritized methods of reducing carbon emissions. With the expansion into new states, EnergyAid will be able to help more people achieve these goals.

“The biggest problem we see is consumers aren’t aware that they need to be monitoring how their solar systems are performing,” says Johnson. “We are working to provide awareness and education along with our repair services, so people will know how to ensure their panels are working. If the sustainability goals are to be reached and solar energy being properly used there needs to be an increase in educating people for what they need to do.”

One of the biggest attributions to the success of EnergyAid is their team of technicians who are dedicated to the service the company provides. EnergyAid has a rigorous vetting process when they begin the process of hiring new technicians. All applicants must undergo background checks and drug screenings. This is done to ensure technicians will provide the best quality of work when servicing a solar system. Additionally, the company provides weekly bonuses for their technicians to incentivize them to provide the best possible work on the solar systems.

EnergyAid has already become the leading provider in California, one of the largest states in the US. Currently boasting six offices in the state allowing complete coverage and allowing speedy service for all residents. Starting with only one office two years ago the company has seen astronomical growth, the expansion into other states shows the determination the company has to not only its growth but their need to provide top quality services across the US.

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