California-based health provider is announcing its expansion throughout the state to help as many people as possible

Published October 6, 2023

Visionary Care Consultants, a San Diego-based health care advocacy group, is announcing their expansion plans into more counties throughout the state of California.

According to Tina Buchanan, Founder of Visionary Care Consultants, the first area that the company is expanding their services into is Riverside County, which is northeast of San Diego. She says the company has been getting requests from families in the area who have heard about their services, and there are currently not enough health care advocacy groups in the Riverside area. Another aspect of the expansion plans include acquiring businesses in Southern California because they already have clients who are in need of healthcare services.

Buchanan founded Visionary Care Consultants following her work in skilled nursing facilities and as a home healthcare provider. She founded the company with the aim of being a solo provider and running the business on her own. She began taking on more team members, who bring a collective of 25 years experience in healthcare, because she wanted to help as many people as possible which she could no longer do on her own. She says the need to expand has been growing for two years.

“The team that we have does really amazing work for our clients and more people are starting to find out about us, and so we realized it is time to expand the vision further because we have the solid foundation to begin helping more people,” says Buchanan.

Visionary Care Consultants is able to work with clients from the ages of 30 to 109 and they also offer mental health services, which according to Buchanan enables them to stand out because many providers will not work with people who struggle with mental health issues. One of the key focuses of the company is to work closely with their clients and their families to understand their goals, so they can provide the best level of care possible.

The team at Visionary Care Consultants is comprised of social workers, nurses, mental health experts and people who are experts in different types of medical benefits. The diversity of the team is what enables the company to provide their services to such a wide range of client types. One of the most important contributions that Visionary Care Consultants give to their clients and their loved ones is the ability to be together without the family having to act as caregivers, which often puts strain on their daily lives.

“When family members or friends have to act as the primary caregivers for their loved ones it can put a lot of strain and stress on their lives. I’ve seen relationships suffer as a result of this and this is why we sit down with our clients and their families to determine what their goals are and how we can provide the best service possible and bring comfort to their lives,” says Buchanan.

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