Business Awards UK 2024 Care Awards: Honouring Excellence in the Care Sector

Published May 5, 2024

Business Awards UK is proud to announce the winners and finalists of the 2024 Care Awards, celebrating outstanding achievements and dedication in the care industry. This year's awards recognise the remarkable contributions of individuals and organisations that have demonstrated excellence and innovation in providing care services, enhancing the quality of life for those they serve.

Business Awards UK 2024 Care Awards Winners

  • Liloom Home Care - 2024 Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Shooting Star Children’s Hospices - 2024 Best Family Liaison Team
  • Katie Nazurally, Northern Healthcare - 2024 Rising Star Award
  • Brookfields Private Nursing Home - 2024 Care Home of the Year
  • Satori House - 2024 Excellence in Facility Provision
  • AtaLoss - 2024 Best Outer Agency Liaison
  • Amora Care - 2024 Best Care Company To Work For
  • Care Unity - 2024 Best Resident Focused Care
  • Pearl Home Care - 2024 Best Leadership in Care
  • Ranger Home Care - 2024 Best Staff Training and Development
  • Ashwood Children’s Care Homes - 2024 Best Newcomer Care Home
  • Steps Together - 2024 Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • Tuition Extra - 2024 Best Activity Coordination
  • New Star Care - 2024 Best Newcomer Home Care Provider
  • Shooting Star Children’s Hospices - 2024 Best Palliative Care Provider

Business Awards UK 2024 Care Awards Finalists

  • Liloom Home Care - Best Family Liaison Team, Best Palliative Care Provider
  • Brookfields Private Nursing Home - Best Resident Focused Care
  • Certain Care - Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • HBBA Care - Best Staff Training and Development
  • Pearl Home Care - Best Staff Training and Development
  • Sunbear Care - Best Newcomer Care Home
  • Access Care - Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
  • Radfield Home Care Colchester - Best Family Liaison Team
  • Gianluca and Kamila Valentini, 5 Star Clinic - Rising Star Award
  • Ashwood Children’s Care Homes - Care Home of the Year
  • Mother’s Touch Care Limited - Best Care Company To Work For
  • Help Me Ooh LTD - Best Outer Agency Liaison
  • Pearl Chitongo, Pearl Home Care Ltd - Rising Star Award
  • Radfield Home Care Colchester - Excellence in Facility Provision
  • 5 Star Clinic - Best Leadership in Care
  • Mother’s Touch Care - Best Newcomer Home Care Provider
  • Help Me Ooh - Best Activity Coordination

Advancing Care Standards and Fostering Innovation

This year, the 2024 Care Awards have highlighted those within the sector who not only uphold standards but innovate with compassion. One provider introduced critical emergency services with remarkable speed, responding to immediate care needs with a deeply personalised approach that reflects their dedication to dignity and independence. Another example saw exceptional end-of-life care where providers maintained constant communication with dispersed family members, ensuring that even in their final moments, individuals were surrounded by care and compassion.

These winners exemplify not just the delivery of care but the heart behind each action and decision. They have established new benchmarks for flexibility and responsiveness, fostering environments where service users not only receive care but are actively involved in their care processes, thereby enhancing their autonomy and overall well-being.

The profound impact of these leaders on the care sector demonstrates a commitment not only to maintain quality but to continually push its boundaries. Business Awards UK celebrates their innovative spirit and the tangible differences they make in the lives of individuals and communities, setting inspiring examples for future generations in the care industry.

For more information about the 2024 Care Awards and to explore the groundbreaking practices set by this year's esteemed winners and finalists, please contact Business Awards UK or visit our website.

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