Brand Marketing Specialist, Flintlock, Supports International Sportswear Company To Create New Brand Positioning

Published January 30, 2024
Brand Marketing Specialist, Flintlock, Supports International Sportswear Company To Create New Brand Positioning
Brand Marketing Specialist, Flintlock, Supports International Sportswear Company To Create New Brand Positioning

Flintlock Marketing, a leading brand marketing expert, has partnered with a global retailer of sports and leisure clothing, accessories and equipment to reframe its positioning within the UK market and develop strategies to achieve augmented brand awareness.

Outcomes included new strategic messaging, and designing differentiated brand pillars to ensure the core deliverables were evidenced and well established while co-creating a marketing approach aligned with the overall brand mission.

Brand Strategy as a Catalyst for Commercial Growth

During this project, Flintlock identified that part of the barrier the brand was experiencing was due to a concentration on short-term marketing without addressing a low level of brand awareness within the UK – in stark contrast to the firm's position within Continental Europe.

Flintlock found that consumers valued the knowledge, support and guidance the brand offers and the welcoming, non-judgemental environment it provides. The sports brand used this knowledge to feed into revised communications at all touchpoints, both in-store and online, with messaging found to be easily understood and true for all areas of the company.

A representative from the client organisation noted, 'We initially selected Flintlock to help us work on sharpening our brand to support business growth. They delivered so much more. We would highly recommend them for marketing, team development, and business strategy. '

Flintlock Marketing’s Work as a Brand Strategy Consultant

Led by an accomplished team of brand marketing specialists, Flintlock works with a broad array of businesses and brands, from localised owner-run companies to well-known British firms, non-profits, charities and international organisations, spanning the sectors and industries.

Regardless of the size of the client or the budget they have to invest in refreshing and revisiting their branding, Flintlock uses the same philosophy based on finding the 'spark' in the business that differentiates it from competitors and encapsulates the ethos behind the company.

The Value of Brand Marketing Expertise from a Specialist Strategic Marketing Company

Brand marketing can have a transformative impact, with Flintlock having achieved remarkable outcomes for multiple clients by using its unique sparking approach.

Commenting on the results achieved, Tasha Gladman, Co-Founder of Flintlock Marketing says, 'We were delighted to work with such a respected brand name and a company synonymous with helping families and people stay active and healthy. During the process, we were inspired by the passion for inclusivity and focused on capturing the strong branding the company has achieved in Europe and translating this for the British market.’

Flintlock Marketing offers a comprehensive range of branding services, including brand creation, brand positioning, and brand strategy. It shares further details about its work, the projects it has collaborated on, and long-term branding initiatives through its website.

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About Flintlock:
Flintlock is an expert UK brand marketing and branding specialist agency.

We blend pure creativity, professionalism, expertise and skill, extracting the knowledge and value our incredible team provides to create brand strategies that feel like home, and encapsulate what makes you you and how you communicate those intangibles to your target customer to make your business a brand they would choose over anybody else.

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