B & R Music Group Artist and Producer Thousand Times Teams Up with Henry AZ to Release the Single "Stuck Inside a Dream"

Published August 15, 2023

B & R Music Group Artist and Producer Thousand Times Teams Up with Henry AZ to Release Enchanting Single "Stuck Inside a Dream".

Chester PA 8/15/23 – B & R Music Group is thrilled to unveil its latest musical masterpiece, "Stuck Inside a Dream," a collaborative effort between the multifaceted artist and producer Thousand Times and the distinguished musician Henry AZ. This release marks a significant milestone, as it merges musical ingenuity and creativity in an unprecedented manner.

Born in Brooklyn, Thousand Times embarked on a musical journey that led them from New Jersey at the age of 4, eventually settling in North Carolina at the age of 18. This diverse upbringing undoubtedly contributes to the eclectic and boundary-pushing nature of their music. With each new release, Thousand Times solidifies their reputation as a trailblazer within the industry.

Henry AZ, an artist signed to Juicy J's label 'Mofaces,' has consistently pushed the envelope with his distinctive style. For Thousand Times, discovering Henry AZ's artistry was a turning point. Introduced through Henry AZ's track "Think That Way," heard on Pandora, Thousand Times became an ardent admirer. The desire to collaborate with Henry AZ stemmed from an authentic appreciation of his music and the profound resonance of his journey in the music industry.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Thousand Times shared, "It took Henry about six weeks to get me his verse back, and it was well worth the wait. The message behind the song is that 'sometimes from the outside, someone's life or life situation can look one way, but on the inside, it's completely different'." The essence of this message resonates throughout "Stuck Inside a Dream," encapsulating the feelings of disconnection from the everyday and the relentless pursuit of greater aspirations.

The single masterfully portrays the sensation of being lost in a dreamlike state while navigating the ambitions of life. Henry AZ's verse vividly paints this emotional landscape, highlighting his prowess as a lyricist and storyteller. Thousand Times expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting, "I really thought Henry did a great job of depicting a vivid landscape through his words in his verse. I hope to work with him again in the future."

"Stuck Inside a Dream" is now available for streaming on major platforms, and listeners are invited to delve into the world crafted by Thousand Times and Henry AZ.

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