Australian Procurement Scale-Up, Portt, Acquired by UK's Advanced in Mutual Expansion

Published August 25, 2023

In an exciting development for the ANZ software landscape, Advanced, a British software and services provider, has acquired fast-growing Australian procurement software provider Portt. This strategic move combines Australian innovation with global reach, adding Portt’s innovative procurement software to Advanced’s already impressive portfolio of spend management solutions.

Portt is the fastest-growing provider of SaaS procurement, contract and supplier management products across Australia and New Zealand.
Portt, an Advanced company

Portt and Advanced had previously collaborated in a partnership to deliver procurement services to the UK’s public and private sectors.

Both companies cultivated shared values around prioritising user experience and customer value through embracing innovation and collaboration.

The two also shared a vision of extending their respective global footprints.

For Portt, given the commonality in Commonwealth standards between the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, the UK was the most logical place to expand, while for Advanced, the collaboration with Portt was a natural step in consolidating their already strong Australian presence.

This collaboration will allow Advanced to offer a holistic suite of Spend and Governance management solutions alongside Advanced Marketplace and Advanced Data Automation, with Portt bringing its best-in-class source-to-contract software to the arsenal.

This collaboration will spark an exchange of creative ideas, allowing Advanced and Portt to provide a full-service suite of spend management products to their clients, which include the likes of NSW Education, Dunedin City Council and Queensland University of Technology.

“This acquisition is very complementary strategically, allowing us to deliver further value to our ANZ customers, while we also focus on expanding our service offering beyond the ANZ market and look to collaborate with clients more globally.”

– Chris Holmes, Vice-President, Spend & Governance

The acquisition strengthens Advanced's commitment to innovation, as Portt shares the British service providers' philosophy for the value of continuous improvement and enriched service offerings.

The Portt and Advanced collaboration enables an empowering environment for employees, fostering career growth and skill development.

The acquisition will amplify the work Portt has done towards cultivating diversity, inclusion and customer-centricity values within its workforce. They feel confident that their team will jump at the opportunity to be part of a larger organisation that shares those values.

Advanced takes a “customer obsession” approach to business, encouraging its clients to succeed through its software solutions.

As Portt transitions into an Advanced company and rebrands as Advanced in Australia and New Zealand the company will build on its foundation of “helping clients make faster, better business decisions”.

“Joining the Advanced family is the biggest step yet in our journey to bring customers revolutionary spend management software. It will let us deliver more impactful outcomes to our customers across ANZ and beyond as we add our world-class procurement and supplier software to Advanced’s suite of solutions. Our growth has come off the back of innovation, and this is a core value shared by Advanced.”

– Chris Holmes, Vice-President, Spend & Governance

ABOUT Portt, an Advanced company

Portt is the fastest-growing provider of SaaS procurement, contract and supplier management products across Australia and New Zealand. Portt believes in empowering modern employees to do their job easier, faster and more effectively.

Commencing their Spend Management software journey in 2015, the company boasts a strong track record of annual growth and a reputation for doing business with some of the region's most complex public and private sector customers.

Acquired by one of the UK’s fastest-growing software companies, Advanced, in March 2022, the merged organisation has offices in Sydney and Newcastle in Australia and Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand. For more information, visit

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