Ascend Pain & Wellness Launches Online Booking for Advanced Genicular Artery Embolization Services

Published April 21, 2024

Ascend Pain & Wellness, known for its expertise in genicular artery embolization for knee pain and non-surgical pain management, is proud to unveil its new online booking feature. This enhancement to their service offering makes it easier for individuals afflicted with knee osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain to have faster and easier access to advanced treatments.

The online scheduling system expedites appointment bookings and reduces wait times, streamlining healthcare management for patients. The upgrade reflects the clinic’s commitment to innovation and improves communication between patients and doctors, leading to faster pain relief and recovery.

Ascend Pain & Wellness is a leading provider of non-surgical pain management solutions with over three decades of experience.
Ascend Pain & Wellness

Genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis is minimally invasive and offers a promising alternative to traditional surgical methods. With the launch of Ascend Pain & Wellness’s online booking, patients searching for genicular artery embolization near me can now enjoy a seamless way to schedule an appointment. This means more people needing this help can benefit from this advanced pain management solution.

The improved process will shorten wait times and enhance the patient experience by ensuring faster access to care. It will also enable patients to take control of their health, aligning with current expectations for convenient and accessible healthcare services.

“Making our genicular artery embolization services more accessible through online booking is a significant step forward in our mission to alleviate knee pain for our patients,” said a representative for Ascend Pain & Wellness. “This initiative not only reflects the clinic’s dedication to innovation but also our commitment to providing patient-centric care. It underscores our resolve to leverage technology for the convenience of our patients so they can easily schedule appointments for genicular artery embolization for knee pain from the comfort of their homes. This digital improvement significantly enhances our capability to connect with and treat patients more effectively. We think this is a crucial step in our quest to transform pain management.”

The team of doctors who perform genicular artery embolization at Ascend Pain & Wellness consists of experienced specialists dedicated to this advanced treatment. They collaborate closely with patients to create personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs to achieve the best outcomes. The introduction of online booking streamlines the appointment scheduling process, helping patients get to these specialists quickly and potentially speeding up pain relief.

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About Ascend Pain & Wellness

Ascend Pain & Wellness is a leading provider of non-surgical pain management solutions with over three decades of experience. The clinic offers a range of treatments for chronic pain conditions, specializing in genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain. Dedicated to innovation, accessibility, and personalized care, it is a trusted clinic for patients seeking effective pain relief and a better quality of life.


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