America’s Fastest Growing Moving Company Piece of Cake Moving & Storage Shares Essential Spring Moving Tips

Published February 21, 2024

With the arrival of spring, the season of fresh flowers and new beginnings, there is a flair of change in the air – people are making big moves. Statistically, spring is one of the busiest times for relocation, approximately 64% of the 25.6 million Americans changing residences annually choose to do so from March to June. In response to the seasonal spike in moving, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage has tailored its services to meet the unique stresses of spring moving — balancing the excitement of a new beginning for customers with the logistical demands of the season.

Founded in December 2017, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is one of the fastest growing moving and storage companies in America. Based in the heart of New York City and extending its operations across the Tri-State Area, Florida, and Los Angeles, the company has earned an exceptional reputation for delivering a wide array of moving and storage solutions.

Najah Ayoub, CMO of Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, emphasizes the company's mission: "We're in the business of moving more than just items—we're moving lives. Our commitment is to be there for our customers at this critical time, ensuring a transition that's as refreshing as the season itself."

Nearing the busy spike months of the moving season, Ayoub offers essential advice to ensure that your move is not only successful but also a 'Piece of Cake.'

With these expert tips and the support of Piece of Cake Moving & Storage’s dedicated team, your spring move will be set to flourish.

Declutter Your Space: Before you move, donate, sell, or dispose of items that you no longer want or use. This will help save on moving costs, as well as time and effort when it comes time for the actual move. You only want to move items you want in your new space. Try and do this a month before your moving date so you have the time to focus on your move. Common question customers ask is how to dispose of their mattress or other items. Here is our Piece of Cake Moving disposal guide.

Identify Your True Moving Costs: Moving costs aren’t just confined to moving day, consider packing supplies, broker fees, and deposits, all before you book a mover. What’s a reasonable cost to expect for a move within the city? Check out our how to estimate your moving cost guide to help you plan your moving day costs and the average moving day costs guide. Also consider the best date and time to move can impact your moving costs.

Hire A Professional Mover: Start your search for a mover early and be sure to check trusted ratings and review sites, as well as with friends and family. Be sure to share as much information as possible with your moving company for an accurate quote and find out what’s included and what’s not in your moving estimate, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is our objective guide to hire a professional mover.

Create A Packing Plan: Create a packing plan and pack items by the room of your new apartment. Label each box with the room and items inside, and start packing those things you’ll be least likely to need immediately. Piece of Cake has a comprehensive packing guide and video tutorials to help make packing easier.

Be Mindful of Moving Day Requirements: Moving in some buildings involves more than just the actual packing and moving day itself. Make sure you have a Certificate of Insurance on file, reserve the service elevator, and understand the parking and traffic rules at both your old and new homes. Make sure to also switch on any important utilities in your new home prior to the move.

“These tips are a reflection of our company’s commitment to provide our customers with the knowledge to make every aspect of moving effortless,” says Najah Ayoub. "Moving is a hassle, but with us, it’s a piece of cake."

About Piece of Cake Moving & Storage:

Founded in December 2017, Piece of Cake Moving & Storage has become a trailblazer in the moving industry, known for its exceptional customer service and innovative solutions. Headquartered in New York City, with expanded services across the Tri-State Area, Florida, and Los Angeles, Piece of Cake continues to redefine the moving experience for Americans nationwide.

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