Alien Abduction Case, Land Stewards & Holiday Hope Premiere at New Media Film Festival LA/Hybrid

Published May 24, 2024

Scheduled for June 5-6, 2024, the 15th New Media Film Festival® Los Angeles/Hybrid is a vibrant celebration of innovation and creativity in story & technology. The festival will showcase groundbreaking content from around the world, with a variety of premieres, exclusive screenings and special guests.

These Documentary category premieres are set to captivate audiences at the New Media Film Festival®, offering a blend of real-life drama, environmental activism, and seasonal joy.

New Media Film Festival

From USA, the World Premiere of Alien Abduction – A Physical Case, A gripping documentary that delves into the experiences of a couple claiming to have been abducted by aliens. The film explores their journey, the evidence they've gathered, and the skepticism they face. Select members of the Congressional Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs, Wisconsin Representative Glen Grothman Chairman, who are currently investigating UAPs and UFOs have watched this documentary hundreds of times as a resource. Directed by Jared Sagal, who got his start as a celebrity journalist on the NIKKI SIXX Sideshow Countdown on LA’s famed radio station Alternative 98.7FM, and featuring Philomena Victor, AV Super Sunshine (a global singles charting artist known for a unique blend of rock, pop, and other music styles), and Michael Bradford, this documentary aims to present a compelling narrative of a couple's extraordinary encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

From the USA, Stewards of the Land, this L.A. Premiere is a heartening documentary that shines a light on the dedicated farmers and ranchers across the United States, whose life's work is not only to provide high-quality protein through American Lamb but also to uphold the values of sustainability and community. The film, directed by Thomas Wavid Johns and William Hartsock offers viewers an intimate look at the agricultural practices that contribute to the preservation of our land and the prosperity of local communities.

This doc highlights the dedication and struggles of individuals who are deeply committed to protecting and preserving the environment, showcasing their efforts to maintain the balance between human activities and nature, produced by Neon Bites.

On June 6th 2024 at Look Cinema Glendale CA, the L.A. Premier Hope For The Holidays is a heartwarming documentary that follows the inspiring journey of Yuri Williams and Rodney Smith Jr. as they travel across the United States, bringing joy and hope to those in need during the holiday season. Dressed as Santa's helpers, they navigate through snowstorms and city streets, reaching out to families in animal shelters, homes with special needs, and individuals facing life-threatening illnesses. Their mission is not only to deliver gifts but also to offer a listening ear and share in the stories of the people they meet. This film captures the spirit of giving and the power of compassion, as doors open and communities come together to support one another. It's a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and a reminder that hope can be found in the most unexpected places.

The New Media Film Festival® is a unique event that celebrates the intersection of storytelling and technology. Since its inception in 2009, the festival has been a platform for both established and emerging content creators to showcase their work in a variety of media formats. With 28 categories that cover both classic and technological aspects of media, the festival offers a diverse range of opportunities for creators to be recognized. The judging panel includes industry leaders from renowned organizations such as Marvel, PBS, HBO, BBC, and the Television Academy, ensuring a high standard of critique and recognition. $45,000 in awards.

This festival not only provides a stage for innovative and creative media but also contributes to the evolution of the digital era's storytelling landscape.

Call Them Athletes is a non-fiction Los Angeles premiere in the student category directed by Torin Jade Ives - in exchange for disrespect and a lack of funding, collegiate dancers give more than their all to their schools. Three Midwest dance teams showcase the accomplishments and talents of their programs, and reveal the dark side of dance team. No scholarships, no benefits and year-round commitments are just the tip of the iceberg.

June 5-6 2024 15th New Media Film Festival® Los Angeles/Hybrid. 106 New Media Films & Content 32 World, 8 U.S., 23 L.A. Premieres Groundbreaking content from: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, West Indies.

The New Media Film Festival®. Be part of the narrative that shapes the future of new media. With a legacy of over a decade, the New Media Film Festival® continues to provide a platform for creators to present bold and redefined boundaries in storytelling.

June 5th 2024 Online Screenings, Q & A, Surprise Guests, Raffles

New Media Film Festival

June 6th 2024 In Person Int’l Art Exhibit, Networking, Screenings, Q & A, VR, AR, Raffles, Special Guests & Awards Ceremony. VIP Soiree includes a drink & nosh at Look Cinema Glendale CA

New Media Film Festival

“It's an exciting time for creators and enthusiasts alike to converge and celebrate the bold visions shaping the future of new media. It's an event that not only showcases the personal journey of the individuals involved but also reflects the broader human quest for understanding in the face of the inexplicable.” Founder/Director Susan Johnston


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