Aberdeen Limited announce the unification of several key alliances with leading European banks.

Published July 5, 2024

Aberdeen Limited, a premium fixed-rate bond specialist established in 2017, is excited to announce the unification of several key alliances with leading European banks, enhancing its ability to offer a broad range of bond opportunities to private investors.

These new collaborations allow Aberdeen Limited to broaden its bond offerings, giving investors access to high-yield, fixed-income bonds that are typically reserved for larger institutional investors. Clients will gain seamless access to institutional-grade bonds and other investment opportunities through these partnerships.

“Our goal at Aberdeen Limited is to simplify access to top-tier bonds,” stated Mr Darren O’Reilly, a senior executive at Aberdeen Limited. “By strengthening our alliances with European banks, we bridge the gap for private investors to access institutional-grade bonds, enabling them to seize lucrative opportunities that were previously out of reach.”

Amidst a backdrop where the main banks in Ireland currently have very low interest rates, our clients are increasingly looking elsewhere for better returns. Aberdeen Limited, as a specialist in fixed-rate investments, is uniquely positioned to meet this demand. Since 2017, Aberdeen Limited has been at the forefront of providing fixed-rate investment solutions, and 2024 has seen a massive increase in demand for fixed-rate bonds due to the current global economic climate.

Aberdeen Limited employs a unique strategy by acquiring fixed-income products with substantial minimum investment requirements and significant allocations upon issuance. The firm then segments these allocations into smaller parcels tailored for smaller private investors.

“We are dedicated to offering our clients exceptional solutions to counter high inflation rates,” said Mr. Charles Byford, Executive Advisor. “By making institutional-grade bonds accessible, we aim to empower investors to achieve their financial goals while benefiting from diversification without compromising capital security.”

Aberdeen Limited’s steadfast commitment to democratizing the fixed-rate market highlights its dedication to providing value, transparency, and exceptional service to its clients. With reinforced partnerships and innovative offerings, the firm continues to lead the way in transforming the landscape of fixed-rate investments for private investors.

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