"Uncrowned Light Dust" Documentary Released: Preserving Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taijiquan Heritage

Published July 5, 2024

Recently, the documentary "Uncrowned Light Dust" has officially launched. Centering on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and Taijiquan, this film on the intangible heritage of medical martial arts takes viewers on a millennium-spanning deep exploration journey.

Produced by China Television Strong Nation (Beijing) International Cultural Media Co., Ltd., "Uncrowned Light Dust" runs for 67 minutes and comprehensively showcases the practice and development of acupuncture and Taijiquan within Chinese traditional culture.

The film uses ancient Taoist culture as a narrative thread, blending ancient and modern artistic techniques with originality. Combining AI-enhanced scenes and a mix of virtual and real presentation forms, it innovatively integrates these elements to provide a comprehensive understanding of the material and spiritual essence of Chinese traditional medical martial arts.

The protagonist, Shang Dewang, hailing from Shandong, belongs to a family with a long legacy of Taoist intangible heritage. He began learning his family's medical and martial arts at the age of three and a half. He is the eldest grandson of the thirty-second generation of the Shang family from Qilu, the last line of ancestors guarding their ancestral shrine. He carries the direct lineage of Longhu Mountain Taoism and the legal transmission, the orthodox transmission of Shang family’s Chinese medicine, and the direct lineage of Taijiquan. He is a direct disciple of Mr. Zhang Jin, a representative inheritor of acupuncture, designated by the United Nations as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

According to the producer Xi Kai, this film places a special emphasis on educating and passing on values to the younger generation. Through systematic narration and vivid live-action performances, it not only deepens young viewers' understanding of traditional culture but also enhances the general public's appreciation of the profound contributions and rich heritage of the Chinese nation in the field of health and wellness.

The anticipation for "Uncrowned Light Dust" continues to grow, with hopes that the film will further promote the essence of Chinese traditional culture and stimulate societal interest and enthusiasm for the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

The release of this documentary marks a new exploration in the contemporary dissemination of intangible cultural heritages like Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture and Taijiquan, promising both a visual and spiritual feast for domestic and international audiences.

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Company Name:China Television Power (Beijing) International Cultural Media Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Xi Kai

Email: xkvip@vip.qq.com


Release ID: 1061725

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