'Child Of Love' AMC Theatre Red Carpet

Published September 29, 2023

A magical night for the filmmakers of ‘Child Of Love’. As early fall rolls in most would expect a gathering for viewing the trees to change colors but for the filmmakers of ‘Child Of Love’ they roll out a red carpet. The AMC theatre in Bellevue hosted the event along with a list of sponsors sporting their logos on the step and repeat banner. As night came in the theater starts to pack up. Guest in line on a Tuesday are in awe as a gathering starts to form in the atrium of the theater. Ropes go up as cameras are laid down with a small press gathering just as the banner goes into place.

The cast, crew and special guest await a night of monumental success as the guest of honor Berry family walks in. The film ‘Child Of Love’ is about the true life story of Esther and Chris Berry to make a school for their son Robert who has down syndrome. This is not just your run of the mill docs drama but a love story with a faith inspired journey that lead Esther to America finding her true love and crafting a network of 10 schools that tailor to special needs students.

The man of the hour Robert Berry who is also owner of Berry Studios one of the productions companies that made this film possible. Robert is also the biggest part of the journey that lead to the Esther Schools coming to life. Esther and Chris started the first school to continue to teach Robert all the things you would learn in school, math, science, history, reading and writing, but they also made faith a large part of his schooling. As the school out grew the living room they began to work out of small churches and community centers. Which today the first school has been built from scratch being a huge milestone for the Berry family.

With such an amazing story the filmmakers behind Paradestormer Productions, Bright Morning Star Films and Silver Screen Indie got a change to turn the story into a screenplay. With the help from Berry Studio’s and The Esther School helping fund the adventure the next stop was making a film.“With making any film comes hiccups but we got lucky with this film. We got an amazing cast and crew” as Johnny the director of the film says. “I couldn’t be happier we had a low budget but everyone came out and put in 100 percent effort” Weiss the DOP reflects on the making of the film. 

I can tell you one thing the smiles in all the pictures of the event shows the truth, a very successful screening. From the smiles on the Berry family faces, the smiles on the producers, cast, crew and guest faces we can say for sure that this was a very successful screening. The film stars Lewis Purcell (Into The Wild Frontier, Lincoln) as Chris Berry, Amy Simpson (Devils Tramping Grounds, Sherwood), with Eric Roberts (Babylon, The Dark Knight,

The Expendables), and Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Mega Force, The Stars Fell In Alabama, Great White Throne Judgement). The film is produced by Joan Uselman (Sherwood, Red Forrest, Great White Throne Judgement), Michael Giancana (Raising Rambo, The Devils Tramping Grounds, Great White Throne Judgement) Jack Hager (Great White Throne Judgment). The Executive Producers are Esther Berry, Chris Berry, Robert
Berry and Bobby Webb. The film was directed by Johnny Reeves (Domme, Red Forrest, Great White Throne Judgment). And the Cinematographer for ‘Child Of Love’ is Weiss Night (Consider The Lilies, All Is Calm, GreatWhite Throne Judgment).

‘Child Of Love’ is currently heading to the festivals and awaiting a distribution partner or sales agent. AMC theatre booked by Domenick Presto the Event Consultant at AMC Theaters. 


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