Updated A+ Portfolio for July Remodelers

Published July 31, 2023

Remodeling Serviced Provided by the A+ Company

North Highlands, United States - July 31, 2023 / A+ Construction & Remodeling /

Every once in a while, the representatives of the A+ company update their portfolio with numerous projects that have been completed recently. It serves both as proof of the high quality of construction work and as a source of inspiration for homeowners who are choosing a style for their future home right now.

The A+ portfolio has been replenished with new remodeling projects now, before the beginning of July. Check it out and do not miss the chance to get inspired before starting your own home renovation with the help of the A+ team this summer!

Remodeling Serviced Provided by the A+ Company

By looking at the portfolio of the A+ Construction and Remodeling company, you can figure out that this team provides various renovation services which the vast majority of homeowners may be interested in. You are likely to come across impressive photos of some perfectly done projects such as kitchen or bathroom remodeling, ADU construction, and some other small or large updates.

We have prepared an extensive list of all the main services that you can take advantage of when contacting the A+ team this July or later. Make sure to get acquainted with it before planning your home remodeling.

Interior Changes

This category includes all possible interior changes. Only you decide how large-scale the remodeling of the inner space will be. You may ask the A+ employees to paint the walls or change tiles and flooring, or resolve to a full-scale remodeling of one or more rooms.

Exterior Updates

Another type of renovation service that is popular among previous clients of the A+ company is various exterior repairs and updates. What you can do with professional assistance? Paint the facade, change sliding and roofing, replace old windows and doors, etc.

Full House Remodeling

If you feel like you want to change almost everything, it will make no sense to arrange minor updates one after another. You can save time and money by applying for a full house renovation.

Extension of the Living Area

Many homeowners run out of free space in the house since their family gets bigger. In this case, we recommend that you build a room addition or an ADU that can be used as a bedroom, home office, or a full-fledged guest house. Most importantly, designers will plan your new space so that every square foot is used efficiently.

Additional Services

Keep in mind that the A+ team consists not only of builders and designers but also of professionals with various backgrounds such as plumbers and electricians. They can help you with any particular tasks that are topical for you right now.

Why Contact the A+ Team This Summer

When choosing a remodeling company to apply to, you should definitely first study their portfolio. You will notice that the A+ companys portfolio makes it stand out from other renovation teams in the country. However, looking at photos of real projects and reading detailed descriptions of the construction and renovation work done may not be enough.

We collected a few more reasons why you should contact the A+ pros below.

Professional Skills and Knowledge

Every employee of the A+ company has an appropriate degree and numerous years of professional experience. They have been practicing for decades, so there is no task or project that may seem impossible to complete. All you will have to do as a homeowner is supervise the work.


In addition to the sufficient experience that allows the A+ employees to come up with outstanding ideas and complete projects of any complexity on time, the availability of all necessary certificates and insurance also serves as a guarantee of the quality of the work performed.

Easy start and quick completion

What people usually value the most is their time. There is nothing more disappointing than investing a huge amount of money in remodeling and facing the violation of deadlines and a significant delay in the completion of the project. When contacting the A+ team you can be sure that the project will be planned quickly and completed in a timely manner.

July is the middle of summer and the best month to start your renovation project. If you contact the A+ representatives right now, you can take advantage of the mild weather and free time that you can invest in planning your remodeling.

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