Safe Harbor Exteriors Delivers Transformation and Protection with Hardie Siding

Published May 17, 2024

Comprehensive Exterior Overhaul Solves Wood Rot Problems and Enhances Home Aesthetics with James Hardie Siding

Shawnee, United States - May 16, 2024 / Safe Harbor Exteriors /

Safe Harbor Exteriors, a leader in siding and home exterior solutions, is proud to announce the successful completion of a significant exterior renovation project in Lawrence, Kansas, featuring the installation of premium James Hardie siding. This project not only resolved severe wood rot issues but also dramatically improved the home's curb appeal and structural integrity.

Safe Harbor Exteriors restores Lawrence, KS home with blue James Hardie Siding, windows and gutters

Problem Identification and Customized Solution

The residence in Lawrence, Kansas, showcased significant wood rot damage, exacerbated by the region's humid climate and frequent precipitation. Safe Harbor Exteriors conducted a detailed evaluation of the home, identifying critical areas of concern that required urgent attention to prevent further deterioration and potential structural issues.

Understanding the homeowner's needs for durability and aesthetic appeal, Safe Harbor Exteriors recommended James Hardie siding, known for its superior resistance to moisture and decay. The installation included Hardie fiber cement siding and trim products, which are specifically engineered to withstand the climatic conditions of the Kansas City area, offering long-term protection against moisture intrusion and wood rot.

Siding Project Execution and Highlights

The project involved the removal of the old, deteriorated siding, followed by the installation of new James Hardie siding, which is celebrated for its durability and low maintenance requirements. The choice of James Hardie products was driven by their proven performance in protecting homes from the elements and their ability to enhance the home's architectural style without compromising on safety or quality.

The renovation also included the installation of new ProVia windows and expertly crafted gutters, completing a comprehensive makeover that not only addressed the immediate concerns of wood rot but also transformed the home's overall appearance and functionality.

Customer Satisfaction and Future Outlook

The homeowners expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome of the project, noting the transformation not only in terms of aesthetics but also in the overall sense of security and comfort of their home. They were particularly pleased with Safe Harbor Exteriors' commitment to quality, attention to detail, and the seamless integration of solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Safe Harbor Exteriors is a trusted provider of siding, roofing, and window solutions based in Shawnee, Kansas. Known for their dedication to quality and customer service, Safe Harbor Exteriors has been serving the Kansas City area with integrity and expertise. Specializing in James Hardie siding, Safe Harbor Exteriors is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and lasting results, ensuring that every project meets their high standards for quality and customer satisfaction.

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